Mbax 6100 entrepreneurship small business management
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MBAX 6100 Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management Frank Moyes Leeds College of Business University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado “Progress depends upon unreasonable men.” GB Shaw Today’s Agenda Entrepreneurial Manager Case: Crunch Entrepreneur Interview

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Mbax 6100 entrepreneurship small business management l.jpg

MBAX 6100Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management

Frank MoyesLeeds College of Business

University of ColoradoBoulder, Colorado

“Progress depends upon unreasonable men.”

GB Shaw

Entrepreneurial Manager

Today s agenda l.jpg
Today’s Agenda

  • Entrepreneurial Manager

  • Case: Crunch

  • Entrepreneur Interview

  • Tonight 6:00 Business Plan Competition Whitemyer

  • NREL trip Feb 2nd at 2:00

Entrepreneurial Manager

Entrepreneur interview l.jpg
Entrepreneur Interview

  • Choose person in an area of interest

  • 3 years in business, 5 employees

  • See website for assignment & questionnaire

  • Visit their office or facility

  • Observe/talk to customers

  • In depth interview – get beyond the hype and self-promotion

  • Take one hour after interview to draw conclusions

Entrepreneurial Manager

Interview paper l.jpg
Interview Paper

  • Write a 6-page 1.5 spaced paper

    • Describes the entrepreneur’s background, motivations for starting the venture, challenges in growing the venture

    • Evaluates the value proposition (target market, product/service description and unique benefit)

    • Conclusion: what makes the company successful (or not)? What are your recommendations for improvement?

    • Discuss how the findings of the interview apply or are meaningful to you. What have you learned about your own potential to be an entrepreneur?

  • Objective is to drill down into the company and thoroughly understand the entrepreneur and how s/he does business

Entrepreneurial Manager

Entrepreneurial manager l.jpg
Entrepreneurial Manager

  • Characteristics & traits

  • Different types of entrepreneurs

  • Entrepreneurs vs. small business

Entrepreneurial Manager

Entrepreneurial characteristics l.jpg


Entrepreneurial Characteristics

  • Motivated by achievement

  • Innovation & creativity

  • Internal locus of control

  • Risk-taking

  • Tolerance for ambiguity

  • Sense of independence

  • Passion

“Traits of entrepreneurs are closest to juvenile delinquents.”

Entrepreneurial Manager

What traits should be avoided l.jpg


What Traits Should Be Avoided?

  • Invulnerability

  • Being Macho

  • Being Authoritarian

  • Impulsivity

  • Outer control

  • Perfectionist

  • Know it all

  • Counterdepency

Timmons: New Venture Creation

Entrepreneurial Manager

What assets are required l.jpg


What Assets are Required?

  • Network

  • Supporting spouse

  • Financial resources

  • Optimism

Entrepreneurial Manager

What experience is required l.jpg
What Experience Is Required?

  • Accounting

  • Recruiting & hiring

  • Selling

  • Financial projections

  • Cash flow management

  • Naming a product

  • Choosing office decor

Entrepreneurial Manager

Do you have the right stuff l.jpg


Do You Have the Right Stuff?

  • Are you a self starter?

  • Can you go 6 months to 2 years without getting paid?

  • Are you willing to give up vacations, weekends and evenings?

  • Are you a decision maker?

  • Are you a people person?

  • Do you handle rejection well?

  • Do you think will on your feet?

  • Do you like to sell?

  • Do you handle crisis well?

  • Would you be able to fire someone?

  • Do you want total responsibility and accountability?

Entrepreneurial Manager

MD Csordos, 35 Business Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Types of entrepreneurs l.jpg


Types of Entrepreneurs

  • Personal achiever

  • Super-salesperson

  • Real manager

  • Expert Idea Generator

JB Minor, Four Routes to Entrepreneurial Success

Entrepreneurial Manager

Personal achiever classic entrepreneur l.jpg
Personal Achiever (classic entrepreneur)

  • Need for high achievement

  • Need for performance feedback

  • Desire to plan and set goals

  • Strong individual initiative

  • Strong personal commitment

  • Internal locus of control

JB Minor, Four Routes to Entrepreneurial Success

Entrepreneurial Manager

Super salesperson caters to needs of customers l.jpg
Super-Salesperson (caters to needs of customers)

  • Capacity to empathize

  • Social interaction and relationships are important

  • Need to have strong positive relationships with others

  • Sales force is critical

  • Background: less education, more experience

JB Minor, Four Routes to Entrepreneurial Success

Entrepreneurial Manager

Real manager grow the venture l.jpg
Real Manager (grow the venture)

  • Desire to be corporate leader

  • Desire to compete

  • Decisive

  • Desire of power

  • Desire to stand out in a crowd

JB Minor, Four Routes to Entrepreneurial Success

Entrepreneurial Manager

Expert idea generator expertise creativity innovator l.jpg


Expert Idea Generator (expertise + creativity = innovator)

  • Desire to innovate

  • Love of ideas, curious

  • Belief that new products are crucial

  • Intelligence is the competitive advantage

  • Desire to avoid taking risks

JB Minor, Four Routes to Entrepreneurial Success

Entrepreneurial Manager

Types of entrepreneurs16 l.jpg


Types of Entrepreneurs

  • Personal Achiever

  • Super-Salesperson

  • Real Manager

  • Expert Idea Generator

  • Are there others?

Entrepreneurial Manager

Different methods used to build ventures l.jpg
Different Methods Used to Build Ventures

  • Independent innovators

  • Pattern multipliers – expand concept through franchise or chains

  • Speculator – buy and leverage, e.g. land

  • Consolidator – industry roll up

  • Acquirers

  • Arbitrageur – buy low and sell high

K Vesper, New Venture Strategies

Entrepreneurial Manager

Slide18 l.jpg



Myths & Realities

Entrepreneurial Manager

Entrepreneurs are born l.jpg
Entrepreneurs Are Born?

  • 100’s of studies: no entrepreneurial prototype

  • Environment, family and self-development are key

  • Why are some countries more entrepreneurial than others?

  • 50,000 chunks

There is no E gene.

Entrepreneurial Manager

Entrepreneurs are gamblers l.jpg


Entrepreneurs are Gamblers?

  • May be the most risk adverse business people

  • Take calculated risks, after careful analysis. Try to

    • Minimize

    • Share risks (OPR’s)

Entrepreneurs play poker, not slot machines.

Entrepreneurial Manager

Entrepreneurs want to be their own boss l.jpg


Entrepreneurs Want to Be Their Own Boss?

  • But, you serve many masters

    • Customers

    • Suppliers

    • Investors & bankers

    • Partners

    • Employees and their families

    • Community

  • Double-edged sword. Yes you can make your own decisions, but there is no-one telling you what to do.

Entrepreneurial Manager

Entrepreneurs are motivated by money l.jpg


Entrepreneurs Are Motivated by Money?

  • Survey of 500 male entrepreneurs

    • Money 6th out of 10 reasons

  • Survey of 113 female entrepreneurs

    • Money 11th out of 16 reasons

  • Desire to achieve, make a difference

  • But, they do like money. Why?

Money is a way to keep score

Entrepreneurial Manager

Why start a business l.jpg


Job security




Be your own boss

Joy of Winning


Values & Beliefs

Get fired

Why Start a Business?

Entrepreneurial Manager

Entrepreneurs are lone wolves l.jpg
Entrepreneurs are Lone Wolves?

  • Stereotype inventor working in his lab

  • Must have a quality management team

    • Visionary individual is the key

    • Entrepreneur can’t do everything

    • Modify and adapt the vision

    • It’s fun having people around you that you like

Lone wolf can’t get funding

Entrepreneurs travel in packs

Entrepreneurial Manager

Entrepreneurship requires lots of money l.jpg
Entrepreneurship Requires Lots of Money?

  • Opportunity driven, not resource driven

  • Leverage resources: other people’s (OPR’s)

  • Too much money:

    • Lack of discipline

    • Impulse spending

Businesses do not fail for lack of money

Entrepreneurial Manager

Entrepreneurs are lucky l.jpg
Entrepreneurs are Lucky


Entrepreneurial Manager

Just do it l.jpg
Just Do It


“Millions of people have “an idea”, but unless they do something with it, their ideas aren’t worth a damn. There are a lot of quacks and kooks out there who claim they invented the Weed Eater, and I don’t doubt that there are some people who genuinely thought of this idea--but what did they do with it? Nothing.

What do they deserve? Nothing.”

George C. Ballas, inventor of Weed Eater

Entrepreneurial Manager

Next week s class l.jpg
Next Week’s Class

  • Entry Strategy

  • Read BZ-11


  • Feb 2 at 2:00pm NREL visit

Entrepreneurial Manager

Traits l.jpg

  • Misfits: traits of entrepreneurs are closest to juvenile delinquents

  • I have discovered that all human evil comes from this, man’s being unable to sit still in a room. Blaise Pascal, philosopher and mathematician

  • “Progress depends upon unreasonable men.” GB Shaw

  • Entrepreneurs typically work half days. 12 hours

  • “The greatest difficulty in the world is not for people to accept new ideas, but to forget old ones.” John Maynard Keynes

  • “If I’m in control, I’m probably going to slow.” Mario Andretti

  • A man who wants to lead an orchestra must turn his back to the crowd.

Entrepreneurial Manager