Your worldwide ict support network ncp benchmarking workshop 25 marc h 2010 sarajevo
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Your Worldwide ICT Support Network NCP Benchmarking Workshop 25 Marc h 2010 Sarajevo Ideal- ist : Introduction Project aim:

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Your worldwide ict support network ncp benchmarking workshop 25 marc h 2010 sarajevo l.jpg

Your Worldwide ICT Support Network

NCP Benchmarking Workshop

25 March 2010


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Ideal-ist: Introduction

  • Project aim:

  • “To develop and implement a coordination mechanism for strengthening trans-national cooperation among ICT NCPs in FP7 in order to improve the overall quality of NCP services across Europe in the area of ICT.”

  • Project duration: 36 months, starting on 01.10.2008

  • Co-ordinator: Deutsches Zentrum fuer Luft und Raumfahrt - DLR (DE)

  • Consortium: 64 partners from EU12, EU15, AS, EEPC, MPC and Emerging Economies

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Ideal-ist members

  • Associated Countries

  • Eastern European Partner Countries (EEPC)

  • Mediterranean Partner Countries (MPC)

  • Western Balkan Countries (WBC)

  • Emerging economies,

  • Developing Countries

  • Industrialised Countries

Ideal ist objectives l.jpg
Ideal-ist Objectives

  • Reinforcing the ICT NCP network by promoting trans-national cooperation

  • Sharing knowledge & experience, promotion of good NCP practices, to ensure the best NCP service throughout Europe and internationally

  • Provision of a quality checked Partner Search for the proposers, and support to interpret the Work Programme and improve project idea

  • Raising the awareness for NCPs’ services among constituency

  • Improvement of cooperation with other networks, organisations and initiatives

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  • NCP Networking/Training (37%)

    • NCP Forum, NCP good practice analysis, Advanced NCP training for special needs, Twining / coaching for NCP

  • Partner Search (13 %)

    • PS methodology, PS service, PS quality, PS statistics

  • Promotion & Management of BEs (13 %)

    • PR & Marketing, Online relations, Event management

  • External Relations (13 %)

    • Cooperation with other EU projects, networks, EC organisations (Cordis) and EC (surveys, among them closed EU 12 survey)

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Ideal-ist NCP Networking / Training

  • NCP Document service

    • create a common repository to share background documents

    • provide brief summaries of ICT policy key documents

  • NCP Forum

    • a tool for NCPs to raise common concerns, discuss the existing experience, clarify potential solutions

  • NCP good practice analysis

    • understand the various national approaches and provide a basis for sharing experience

    • arrange face-to-face networking meetings

    • prepare a short and helpful "good practice" handbook

2 1 document service discussion forum l.jpg
2.1Document Service / Discussion forum

  • Suggestions for

  • new content WELCOME

2 3 ncp best practice guide l.jpg
2.3NCP best practice guide

Current content () and more to come (-)

  • NCP system structure

  • The NCP international network

  • National funding to support participation in the FP

  • Sources of information for NCPs

  • Clients Database & Relations management

  • NCP organization website

  • Newsletters

  • Events organization

  • Partner Search tools

  • Public Relations (PR)

  • Personal consulting

  • Proposals review

  • Guidance for New comers, Seminars and Trainings

  • Analyzing call results

  • Pre Work Programme phase

  • NCP organizational issues

  • Suggestions for

  • new content WELCOME

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Ideal-ist NCP Networking / Training

  • Advanced NCP training for special needs

    • seminars to share NCP knowledge and experience:

      • training seminars to target needs of less experienced NCPs

      • in-depth seminars to discuss strategic issues of strong interest to the entire network

    • topics: “lessons learnt” from evaluators and coordinators

  • Twining / coaching for NCP

    • identify mutually beneficial partnerships of NCPs, including both more and less experienced

    • offer NCPs a “learning-by-doing” experience to cover the full range of NCP activities

2 4 ncp training l.jpg
2.4NCP training

Pre-defined seminars

  • Exchange of experience with Evaluators (2009 JAN)

  • Exchange of experience with Coordinators (2011 MAY/JUN)

    Training seminars

  • Partner search, pre-proposals check (2010 JUL/SEP)

  • Enriching national NCP infrastructures

    In-depth seminars

  • IPR, Consortium building - successful cooperation scenarios (2010 JUN - Cagliari, Italy)

  • Financial issues (2009 OCT)

  • Analysis of participation

2 5 twinning status l.jpg
2.5Twinning – status

Twinning call 1: 8 applications, 5 complete, 1 on its way, 1 postponed

Twinning call 2:  OPEN NOW - more flexible rules!

  • Open with each ICT call + ad-hoc opportunities

  • Two types of twinning

    • Exchange of experience

    • Training (trainer, trainee)

    • can combine with brokerage EU12 - EU15

      No longer limit of one twinning per partner:

    • Each partner can benefit once(either exchange experience or as trainee).

    • Experienced partners can train as often as needed

Partner search l.jpg
Partner Search

  • Targeted to actual calls

  • Type of information requested

    • Call identifier, research objective, instrument, evaluation scheme, closure date

    • Proposal – objectives, keywords

    • Partner profile sought – required skills, expertise, work to be carried out, type of partner sought, coordinator sought

    • Your FP experience (participation, coordination)

  • Partner searches are Quality checked

  • Ideal-ist Partner Search now Open for:

  • ICT Call 6, CIP ICT PSP

Slide13 l.jpg

How Ideal-ist finds partners for you

Slide14 l.jpg

How to get started

If you would like to submit a Partner Search:

  • Register as a Proposer (

  • Log in, create and submit a Partner Search

  • If you would like to submit an Expression of Interest:

    • Reply to open Partner Searches if you match the profile sought and have the expertise to carry out the activities foreseen

    • (

  • If you would like to be informed:

    • Subscribe toMailing list: you will receive regular communications on open Partner Searches

    • (

  • Slide15 l.jpg

    Ideal-ist: 20 supported calls so far

    • ICT Call 1 (FP7-2007-ICT-1)

    • FET Open (FP7-2007-ICT-C)

    • ICT Call 2 (FP7-ICT-2007-2)

    • FP7-ICT-SEC-2007-1

    • ICT Call 3 (FP7-ICT-2007-3)

    • ARTEMIS-2008-1

    • ENIAC-2008-1

    • ICT Call 4 (FP7-ICT-2009-4)

    • ICT-ENERGY Joint Call (FP7-ICT-ENERGY-2009-1)

    • ICT Call 5 (FP7-ICT-2009-5)

    • FET Open (FP7-ICT-2009-C)

    • ICT PSP 2009 (CIP-ICT PSP-2009-3)

    • ARTEMIS-2009-1

    • ENIAC-2009-1

    • ICT Call 6 (FP7-ICT-2009-6)

    • ICT PSP 2009 bis (CIP-ICT PSP-2009-3bis)

    • Factories of the Future 2010 (FP7-2010-NMP-ICT-FoF)

    • Energy-Efficient Buildings 2010 (FP7-2010-NMP-ENV-ENERGY-ICT-EeB)

    • ICT for Green Cars 2010 (FP7-2010-ICT-GC )

    • ICT PSP Call 4 (CIP-ICT PSP-2010-4)

    Slide16 l.jpg

    Ideal-ist Success Story – so far

    Quality Check:

    70% of these Partner seaches Quality labeled

    Partner seaches published:

    491 Partner searches

    Expressions of Interests:

    All together 19.276 EoI

    (50 EoI a PS)

    Partner searches initiated:

    711 Partner Searches

    Quality check proofs efficiency

    Accepted as partner

    98% of these PS found a partner

    Success Stories





    80% submited proposal with their partner

    Over treshold

    33% of the proposals over treshold (on average 11,5 points )


    20 % of those proposals retained

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    Ideal-ist Brokerage Events Schedule

    • A. During big EC events :

      • a) an International BE addressing Call 7: in line with the ICT 2010 conference in Brussels - besides a Networking session, presentations and a booth

      • b) an International BE addressing Call 8/9: in line with the ICT Proposers’ Day in Budapest

    • B. In selected EU12 countries:

      • an International BE addressing Call 8: in line with the eChallenge 2010, Warsaw, Poland

      • 3 upcoming "Huckepack" Networking events "Huckepack" Networking events (BE + Info Day) until 09/2011, in 3 different EU12 locations

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    Thank you for your attention!

    www.ideal-ist.netYOUR worldwide ICT support network


    (*) The Ideal-ist project is part-funded by the European Commission under its IST Priority. Any opinions expressed in this document are those of the author/organisation and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Community.