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American Society of Appraisers

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American Society of Appraisers. The State of ASA…Where We Are Where We’re Going. James O. Brown, ASA Governor –Region 5. May 14, 2009. Size and Demographics. Membership. 3/31/09 3/31/08 3/31/07 ARM 35 0.7% 32 0.7% 30 0.6% BV 2,076 43.2% 2,097 43.6% 2,077 43.2%

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american society of appraisers

American Society of Appraisers

The State of ASA…Where We Are

Where We’re Going

James O. Brown, ASA

Governor –Region 5

May 14, 2009



ARM 35 0.7% 32 0.7% 30 0.6%

BV 2,076 43.2% 2,097 43.6% 2,077 43.2%

G & J 107 2.2% 109 2.3% 117 2.4%

MTS 1,065 22.2% 1,073 22.3% 1,056 22.0%

PP 596 12.4% 599 12.5% 608 12.6%

RP 928 19.3% 995 20.7% 1,067 22.2%

Total 4,807 100.0% 4,920 100.0% 4,956 100.0%


Associate 929 18.9%

Candidate 820 16.7%

AM 221 4.5%

ASA 2,701 55.0%

FASA 54 1.1%

Applicant 184 3.7%

Total 4,909 100.0%

As of 3/31/09

fye 6 30 08 by discipline
FYE 6/30/08 by Discipline



Dues 2,580.1 15.6 1,098.0 60.3 552.6 314.0 539.6

Conf. 251.6 0.0 43.8 20.3 87.2 63.1 37.1

Discipline 2,837.6 0.7 1,910.3 10.3 500.7 231.0 154.6

Other 331.3 2.1 139.3 7.0 74.8 36.4 71.7

Tot. Rev. 6,000.7 18.4 3,221.5 97.7 1,215.3 644.5 803.0

Tot. Exp. 5,696.2 63.7 2,596.3 221.6 1,132.2 821.0 861.4

Net 304.5 (45.3) 625.2 (123.7) 83.2 (176.5) (58.4)

balance sheet june 30 2008
Balance SheetJune 30, 2008

Total Assets $3,408,823

Total Liabilities $2,115,704

Net Assets $1,293,119

Cash and Equivalents $1,759,466


Notable decisions last 5-years

Reorganize along discipline lines

Alliance with AI and ASFMRA

discipline centric
  • Board of Governors:
    • 2 From each discipline = 10
    • 5 Region
    • Pres, SVP, Sec/Treas./Past Pres. = 4
    • Total = 19
    • Parliamentarian
    • Legal counsel

Recent transfer of advancement process to ASA HQ

california coalition of appraisers
California Coalition of Appraisers

Don Risner – Lobbyist

By law, he cannot represent a group with less than 10 members

Combined lobbying opinion of ASA, ASFMRA and maybe, NAIFA

california coalition of appraisers13
California Coalition of Appraisers

Don Risner – Lobbyist

Need to establish a “committee” to provide a common opinion to Don

Don must contract separately with each organization

american society of appraisers15

American Society of Appraisers

Report to

Board of Governors

Chapter/Branch Task Force

August 1, 2008



Jim Brown, ASA - Business Valuation, San Jose, CA

Hatsy Cutshall, CPA - ASA Chief Finance & Operations Officer, ASA, HQ

Bruce Kerr, ASA - Machinery & Technical Specialties, Portland, OR

Edith Yeomans, ASA - Personal Property, Toronto, ON, Canada

Mark Penny, ASA - Business Valuation, Haddonfield, NJ

Bonny Price - ASA Director of Membership and Reaccreditation

task force purpose
Task Force Purpose
  • Study chapter/branch relationship
  • Analyze status of chapters
  • Clarify purpose and mission of chapters and branches
  • Study chapter legal structure
purpose of asa
Purpose of ASA

What is the purpose of American Society of Appraisers?

purpose of asa20
Purpose of ASA
  • Examination and accreditation
  • Valuation education
  • Valuation standards and standards of ethical conduct
purpose of asa21
Purpose of ASA
  • Legislative communication/advocacy
  • Forum for inter-communication between appraisers
  • Promotion/marketing of ASA and its members
fundamental question
Fundamental Question

What is the purpose and mission

of chapters?

fundamental question23
Fundamental Question

Is American Society of Appraisers

the sum of its chapters?

fundamental question24
Fundamental Question

Does the success of ASA depend on the success of its chapters?

fundamental question25
Fundamental Question

Are chapters a distribution channel through which ASA carries out its mission and purpose?

successful organization requires
Successful Organization Requires

Clarity and commitment to mission


The mission of ASA chapters is neither clear nor possessing strong commitment


ASA HQ assistance seems to be

activity oriented not content oriented


Current requirements make it difficult to form chapters and attract chapter officers.

asa membership
ASA Membership

“All members of the Society must be affiliated through a chapter.”

Bylaw VIII, Section I,D

chapter meetings
Chapter Meetings

“The chapter governing body shall meet in person or by teleconference in all months in which the chapter does not have a meeting.”

Administrative Rule IV, Section 13

chapter requirements
Chapter Requirements

“A group of 25 or more members, 10 of whom must be designated members, may apply to the society for initiation of a chapter.”

Bylaw IV, Section 1

branch requirements
Branch Requirements

“A branch must be geographically distant from its chapter such that the branch members have difficulty getting to chapter meetings and/or participating in the activities of the chapter.”

Administrative Rule IV, Section 17,A

branch requirements continued
Branch Requirements (Continued)

“A branch must have at least five members, with no fewer than two designated as ASA or AM.”

Administrative Rule IV, Section 17,D

chapter legal structure
Chapter Legal Structure

Legal entity separate from ASA (the Delaware corporation)

501(c)6 corporation

Unincorporated association

hq chapter relationship
HQ - Chapter Relationship

ASA HQ has contract authority over a chapter

ASA HQ authority is based on historical protocol and voluntary cooperation

survey procedure
Survey Procedure

Contacted officers or members of 44 chapters (including 5 branches), representing 62% of all 71 chapters

Interviewed by telephone to ask open-ended questions without introducing our own opinion

chapter purpose mission39
Chapter Purpose & Mission
  • What is the purpose and mission of ASA chapters?
  • What “yardstick” is used to measure the effectiveness of carrying out their mission?
  • What should be in the “play book” for chapter officers to follow?
chapter purpose mission40
Chapter Purpose & Mission
  • If you started ASA today, what would be the purpose and mission of chapters?
  • Would you have chapters at all?
purpose mission
Purpose & Mission
  • Education – In addition to POV courses offered by ASA HQ
  • Mentoring – Assistance to candidates going through the accreditation process
purpose mission continued
Purpose & Mission(Continued)
  • Testing – Local resources to proctor exams
  • Recruitment – Introduce prospective members to ASA
purpose mission continued44
Purpose & Mission(Continued)
  • Public Relations
  • Legislative Communication – Local or state (province) issues not known to or addressed by ASA HQ
purpose mission continued45
Purpose & Mission(Continued)
  • Networking – Appraiser to appraiser
  • Socializing – There seems to be a need to belong to a special group that is fulfilled by ASA
purpose mission continued46
Purpose & Mission(Continued)
  • Leadership Development – Chapters are a venue from which potential ASA leadership can make themselves known
current yardstick
Current “Yardstick”

Number of meetings

Number of members


current yardstick48
Current “Yardstick”

Little is said about the

content of those meetings

new yardstick
New “Yardstick”

Numerical ranking based on frequency of delivering services to members

provides services to members
Provides Services to Members

5. Regularly

4. Irregularly

3. Sometimes

2. Occasionally

1. None

chapter operating status
Chapter Operating Status























chapter operating status52
Chapter Operating Status
  • Member involvement at chapter events is approximately 15% to 20%. A small number may be higher.
  • Many chapters have difficulty identifying officers willing to serve.
  • Discipline committees are not using chapters as a distribution channel through which services may be provided.
chapter operating status53
Chapter Operating Status
  • Few educational subjects cross discipline lines.
  • Chapter function attendees seem to be generally the same group over and over.
  • The 80% to 85% not attending chapter activities continue to renew their membership.
2003 allegiance survey
2003 Allegiance Survey

Conducted by Strategic Planning Task Force

60% of membership responded

2003 allegiance survey55
2003 Allegiance Survey

Why do you belong to the American Society of Appraisers?

allegiance survey responses
Allegiance Survey Responses

34% - Professional Accreditation

22% - Continuing Education

11% - Legislative advocacy, professional standards, code of ethics

9% - Only interaction is by mail, fax or email

10% - If information is relevant or wants to network, often attend ASA meetings

chapter cash balances june 30 2008 2007
Chapter Cash Balances June 30, 2008 & 2007


$806,910.11 $769,964.71

* 80 Chapters/Branches, including Hong Kong, Mexico ,Argentina and Australia

chapter cash balances june 30 2008
Chapter Cash Balances June 30, 2008
  • 16 $10,000 - $19,999
  • 4 $20,000 - $29,999
  • 2 > $30,000
chapter cash balances june 30 200859
Chapter Cash Balances June 30, 2008

Does this mean members’ funds are not being utilized for member benefit and are sitting idle?

chapter mission
Chapter Mission

Develop specific, action-oriented mission, consistent with the mission of ASA, that is common to all chapters

1 voluntary chapter membership
(1) Voluntary chapter membership

Make chapter membership voluntary instead of required. Only chapter members would pay the $25 annual chapter dues

1 voluntary chapter membership63
(1) Voluntary chapter membership


Fairness – Only those interested in chapter activities will pay for them

Subsidy – Those not interested no longer subsidize the rest

Idle funds – May be depleted and put to positive use to finance operations

Relevance – Would require chapter activities to be relevant to members to generate interest. Poor activities will lack both subsidy and cash balance making poor activities less likely

1 voluntary chapter membership64
(1) Voluntary chapter membership

Disadvantages (cont.):

Subsidy – No longer available to finance chapter activities

Idle funds – Likely to be spent down and no longer available to support good programs. Higher program cost per member

Relevance – Chapter officers who enjoy “running something” regardless of effectiveness will be disappointed and will be less likely to volunteer

1 voluntary chapter membership65
(1) Voluntary chapter membership

Disadvantages (cont.):

Failed chapters – May increase number of failed chapters if poor programs don’t attract needed members and funding

Jim Brown’s Observation – I submit that many more chapters have already failed. We just have not admitted it.

2 reduce minimum members to four
(2) Reduce minimum members to four


Encourage formation and continuation – Easier to form and continue


Small group – May lack credibility with public

3 eliminate concept of branch
(3) Eliminate concept of branch


Improved relevance – Branches tend to result from poorly performing chapters which have been “downgraded” but continue poor performance



4 eliminate processing of advancement reinstatement
(4) Eliminate processing of advancement/reinstatement

Ask local senior appraisers to perform this function much like proctoring an exam

4 eliminate processing of advancement reinstatement69
(4) Eliminate processing of advancement/reinstatement


Faster processing – Would identify volunteer senior appraiser ready to act on it immediately

No officers – When chapter has no elected officers, Regional Governor substitutes and may prolong process



5 eliminate requirement for monthly board meetings
(5) Eliminate requirement for monthly board meetings

Leave frequency to discretion of chapter board or legal minimums

5 eliminate requirement for monthly board meetings71
(5) Eliminate requirement for monthly board meetings


Easier – Lower minimum requirement may increase population of members willing to volunteer


Less frequent communication among board members

6 discipline committee prepared modular courses
(6) Discipline-committee-prepared modular courses

Ask each discipline committee to develop two modular courses on current topics that can be taught by a senior appraiser at a “local” level

6 discipline committee prepared modular courses73
(6) Discipline-committee-prepared modular courses


Greater attendance – Avoids need for distant travel

Relevant – Better programs enhance stature of chapter and ASA at local level


Quality of instruction – Difficult to control instruction quality

Online courses – May compete with online courses using “distance learning” methods

7 practice management modular courses
(7) Practice management modular courses

Ask ASA HQ to prepare modular courses that can be taught by a senior appraiser at a local level on professional liability insurance, accounting/bookkeeping, engagement letters, marketing.

7 practice management modular courses75
(7) Practice management modular courses


Greater attendance – Avoids need for distant travel

Relevant – Better programs enhance stature of chapter and ASA at local level


Quality of instruction – Difficult to control instruction quality

Online courses – May compete with online courses using “distance learning” methods

alliances merger





american society of appraisers77

American Society of Appraisers

The State of ASA…Where We Are

Where We’re Going

James O. Brown, ASA

Governor –Region 5

May 14, 2009