A Tutorial for TetraMAX  Its Fault Simulator

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A Tutorial for TetraMAX Its Fault Simulator

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1. A Tutorial for TetraMAX & Its Fault Simulator Chih-Yen Lo Mar.10 2006

2. Chih-Yen Lo & Cheng-Wen Wu 2

3. Chih-Yen Lo & Cheng-Wen Wu 3 Conventions Brackets ([ ]) denote optional choices. Command is still valid when you omit the choice A vertical bar ( | ) separates different items from which you can choose single one An asterisk ( * ) indicates the default setting in a list of choices. Angle brackets (<>) denote a grouping of related items Italics indicate a user-defined items \ denotes the change line sign

4. Chih-Yen Lo & Cheng-Wen Wu 4 Invoking TetraMAX Invoking TetraMAX tmax [ command_file ][ -shell | -gui ] On-line help Using the TetraMAX user guide /usr/cad/synopsys/sold/cur/doc/online/test/tmax_ug.pdf Text-only help Type help command_name in TetraMAX shell mode or in the command line in GUI mode Use pull-down menu Help in GUI mode

5. Chih-Yen Lo & Cheng-Wen Wu 5 Before Set Up TetraMAX Require following information in your design Clock ports Asynchronous set and reset ports Scan chain input and output ports Any ports that place the design in test mode and their active states Any ports that enable shifting of scan chains and their active states Any ports that globally control bidirectional drive and their active states All the information should include in you STIL file Check Chap.7 STIL Procedure Files in tmax_ug.pdf

6. Chih-Yen Lo & Cheng-Wen Wu 6 Basic ATPG Design Flow (1/4) 1. If necessary, preprocess your netlist to meet the requirements of TetraMAX. 2. Read in the netlist. build read netlist xxxxx_syn.v 3. Read in the library models. read netlist home/users/cic/CIC_CBDK018_UMC_ Artisan_V1.1/CIC/Verilog/umc18.v -noabort 4. Build the ATPG design model run build_model top_module_name

7. Chih-Yen Lo & Cheng-Wen Wu 7 Basic ATPG Design Flow (2/4) 5. Read in the STIL test protocol file, generated by DFT Compiler or another source. Perform test DRC and make any necessary corrections. drc add pi constraints 1 HRESTN set drc -allow_untestable_set_resets run drc file_name.stil report rules -fail > file_name.rpt report violations -all >> file_name.rpt

8. Chih-Yen Lo & Cheng-Wen Wu 8 Basic ATPG Design Flow (3/4) 6. To prepare the design for ATPG, set up the fault list, analyze buses for contention, and set the ATPG options add faults -all set atpg merge high -verbose \ -abort_limit number coverage number \ -capture_cycles number 7. Run automatic test pattern generation run atpg basic_scan_only 8. Review the test coverage and rerun ATPG if necessary

9. Chih-Yen Lo & Cheng-Wen Wu 9 Basic ATPG Design Flow (4/4) 9. Run pattern compression run pattern_compress number max number \ -reset_au_faults 10. Save the test patterns and fault list. write patterns file_name_atpg.stil format stil \ -replace Write faults fault_file_name.all all -replace

10. Chih-Yen Lo & Cheng-Wen Wu 10 TetraMAX Fault Simulator Invoking TetraMAX as above All the detail for TetraMAX fault simulation are listed in Chap.11 Fault Simulation of tmax_ug.pdf Next, we will have a simple fault simulation flow for non-scan test patterns

11. Chih-Yen Lo & Cheng-Wen Wu 11 Fault Simulation Flow (1/3) 1. Prepare the functional test patterns for fault simulation. Check Chap.12 Test Pattern Data of tmax_ug.pdf 2. Prepare the design for fault simulation build read netlist xxxxx_syn.v read netlist home/users/cic/CIC_CBDK018_UMC_ Artisan_V1.1/CIC/Verilog/umc18.v -noabort run build_model top_module_name drc add clock 0 clk or add clock 1 RESETB set drc nofile (non-scan test pattern) run drc (non-scan test pattern)

12. Chih-Yen Lo & Cheng-Wen Wu 12 Fault Simulation Flow (2/3) 3. Read in the external functional patterns test set patterns ext pattern_file_name.v Check Chap.12 Test Pattern Data of for detail 4. Perform a good machine simulation add faults all drc set simulation measure pat oscillation 20 2 -verbose test run simulation -sequential

13. Chih-Yen Lo & Cheng-Wen Wu 13 Fault Simulation Flow (3/3) 5. Perform fault simulation to fault-grade the functional test patterns drc set simulation measure pat oscillation 20 2 \ -verbose test run fault_sim -store sequential report summaries 6. Write the fault list to perform ATPG later write faults file.dat all uncollapsed -rep

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