What is gaspal and why use gaspal
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What Is GasPal and Why Use GasPal? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What Is GasPal and Why Use GasPal?. Maraco Inc. 2014. What Is GasPal?. What Is GasPal?. GasPal is an integrated gas reservoir simulator that Integrates formation, tubing and surface lines Models multiple phase flow in formation and pipes

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What is gaspal and why use gaspal

What Is GasPal andWhy Use GasPal?

Maraco Inc.


What is gaspal
What Is GasPal?


What is gaspal1
What Is GasPal?

  • GasPal is an integrated gas reservoir simulator that

    • Integrates formation, tubing and surface lines

    • Models multiple phase flow in formation and pipes

    • Combines cluster of reservoirs with multiple layers

    • Allows multiple offtake points

    • Allows loops and splits in surface network

    • Models production and injection wells for storage reservoirs

    • Has different production modes such as Free Flow, DCQ and Nomination

    • Makes short, mid and long term planning with hourly, daily and monthly time step

    • Imposes quality constraints such as CO2 content


Integrated nodal analysis
Integrated Nodal Analysis

Surface Line




Layer 1



Layer 2


Layer 3



Modeling each reservoir with arbitrary grids
Modeling Each Reservoir With Arbitrary Grids

Arbitrary grids allow fewer cells to model a reservoir effectively. Fewer cells translate to fast simulation.

GasPal models well interference effectively with a grid tailored to the reservoir by the user.


Modeling multiple phase flow in tubing
Modeling Multiple Phase Flow in Tubing

Industry standard correlations are used to model tubing pressure drop for multiple phase flow.

Users can further calibrate each correlation against well test data, using a least squares method imbedded in an effective proprietary algorithm.


Modeling fluid flow in a surface network
Modeling Fluid Flow in a Surface Network

Loops and splits in surface lines

Multiple offtake points

Compressors and other surface facilities such as separators


Why gaspal
Why GasPal? Surface Network


Gaspal is versatile
GasPal Is Versatile Surface Network

  • GasPal can model a production system as simple as a single simulation cell, single layer, or as complex as 50+ platforms with 800+ wells and 5000+ layers.

  • GasPal can make short, medium and long term forecasts with hourly, daily, weekly or monthly time steps.

  • GasPal has multiple production modes to model different scenarios:

    • Free flow without choke and other mechanical restrictions

    • Limited flow considering sand-control, pipe vibration, market demand, spare capacity, CO2 constraints and more.


Gaspal is fast
GasPal Is Fast Surface Network

  • A typical 30-years simulation run takes

    • Seconds for a single platform

    • Minutes for a moderate complex system

    • Less than 2 hours for a 800+ wells, 5000+layer system

  • Fast simulation allows users to make different case-studies to answer “what-if” questions quickly


Gaspal is user friendly input
GasPal Is User-Friendly: Input Surface Network

  • GasPal runs on any Windows-based computers without special requirements.

  • GasPal has carefully crafted Graphic User Interface, designed by petroleum engineers, used and improved by petroleum engineers

  • Users can enter data

    • Using conventional methods such as typing data reservoir by reservoir, or

    • Using copy-and-paste from Excel through several “Grand Data Input” panels


Gaspal is user friendly output
GasPal Is Surface NetworkUser-Friendly: Output

  • GasPal has extensive built in output graphs (150+ types and growing) so users can analyze the simulation results without leaving GasPal.

  • GasPal also writes output results into MDB database files so users can use existing tools to do other analyses

  • GasPal can also export output into text/CSV files that can be readily loaded into Excel.


Sample output and menu for output
Sample Output and Menu for Output Surface Network


Gaspal has many features
GasPal Has Many Features Surface Network

  • Convenient history match

    • Well gas, water and condensate rates

    • Flowing, wellhead and gauge pressure

    • Manifold pressure, rate and CO2 content

  • Numerous well inflow options

    • Standard Darcy’s law (drainage radius, k, h & skin)

    • AB method

    • C/n method, etc.

  • Numerous ways to model water and condensate productions

    • Darcy’s law and relative permeability curves

    • Empirical WGR/CGR curves for wells or layers


Continuously improving
Continuously Improving Surface Network

  • GasPal is updated regularly to add new features. Some of the recent additions are

    • Well and surface facility downtime

    • Platform maintenance scheduling

    • Gray well cutoff rate method

    • Non-adiabatic compression modeling

    • Liquid removal at various surface locations

    • Time-dependent surface network


Fast services from maraco
Fast Services From Maraco Surface Network

  • Quick response to answer users questions

  • Proactive to new features requested by users


Dr elmer dougherty
Dr Surface Network. Elmer Dougherty

  • President, founder Maraco.

  • Professor Emeritus, Petr & Chem Eng, USC - University of Southern California

  • SPE – Distinguished Member & Legion of Honor

  • 50 years of reservoir simulation and optimization experience.

[email protected]


Dr jincai chang
Dr Surface Network. Jincai Chang

  • Petroleum consultant and software engineer.

  • 23 years of experience in reservoir simulation and optimization

  • Teaching “Reservoir Simulation” at University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California, USA

[email protected]