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Our Vision: A Safer Community

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Our Vision: A Safer Community - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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FESA use of Points of Interest Data. Our Vision: A Safer Community. POI Usage. 000 Call Centre (COMCEN). Map Display. FCAD. SDE. Geocoders. Data Custodians. ( Geonoma ). Under Development. Under Development. Mapping. Corporate Geodatabase. FESA POI Processing. Corporate GIS.

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Presentation Transcript

FESA use of

Points of Interest Data

Our Vision: A Safer Community


POI Usage

000 Call Centre (COMCEN)

Map Display




Data Custodians


Under Development

Under Development


Corporate Geodatabase

FESA POI Processing

Corporate GIS


Data Storage

FESA Data Collection

Emergency Operational Support


Functions to be decommissioned in 2011

Our Vision: A Safer Community


Corporate/Operational Value

  • Adds value to an all hazard approach to operational and corporate map products:
  • Search and Rescue – e.g. refuge locations, waterholes etc
  • Bushfire – e.g. water access points, critical infrastructure locations
  • Tropical Cyclone – e.g. mining camps, tourist locations
  • Storm and Flood – e.g. homesteads/shearing sheds, fuel points
  • HAZMAT – locations of significant risk and hazardous goods

Our Vision: A Safer Community


Emergency Dispatch

  • FESA’s emergency dispatch system FESA CAD (FCAD) uses POI data as one of 4 searchable fields (others are RCL, PSA and Cadastre)
  • POI “Common Place” is third level of FCAD searching (after PSA and RCL) however is still a very important component in the location of incidents in non-residential areas
  • POI provides a better percentage result on poorly referenced 000 calls through to COMCEN

Our Vision: A Safer Community


Common Place Searching

  • The FCAD algorithm will automatically geocode the 000 call details entered firstly through PSA, then RCL, then to POI until a match is achieved
  • COMCEN operators can also choose to perform a ‘common place’ search manually

Our Vision: A Safer Community


FCAD Turnouts

Response Instructions differ significantly from a scrub/bush turn-out as apposed to residential location.

POI search on “Star Swamp Reserve” will ensure correct appliances respond to this type of incident.

Our Vision: A Safer Community


Data Available in FESA POI

External Data Sourced for POI

Data developed by FESA for POI

SSD Facilities Bus Stops

Geonoma Post Boxes

Schools Rest Areas

Railway Stations Consulates

Medical Facilities Political Offices

Mining Locations

Indigenous Communities

Petrol Stations

Public Toilets

Licensed Premises

Shopping Centres


Post Offices (in development)

Fast Food Franchises

Our Vision: A Safer Community


POI Building

  • Information collated into POI spreadsheet via research (business websites, White Pages and Google Streetview)
  • Data geocoded for match address and spatial joins applied to shapefiles.

Known Business Address


Match address on PSA

Our Vision: A Safer Community


POI Developments Needed

  • Addition of ‘alias tables’ to strengthen common place searches
  • Addition of full facilities guide as per Streetsmart (any facility with occupancy) i.e. caravan parks, churches, taverns/motels etc
  • Regional areas heavily reliant on geographical features for POI searching so needs to be comprehensive
  • Feedback mechanism developed for POI management to move away from FESA responsibility

Our Vision: A Safer Community