Combined joint exercise control group full of guys who like to think about complex stuff
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Combined Joint Exercise Control Group Full of Guys Who Like To Think About Complex Stuff PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Combined Joint Exercise Control Group Full of Guys Who Like To Think About Complex Stuff. The Best Proposal Ever. Purpose.

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Combined Joint Exercise Control Group Full of Guys Who Like To Think About Complex Stuff

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Combined Joint Exercise Control Group Full of Guys Who Like To Think About Complex Stuff

The Best Proposal Ever


To establish a three-day interactive exercise that engages CISA students as well as other members of TISS (and the greater SOF community) with the dynamic relationships of a given international region in order to demonstrate the interplay of strategic policy.


  • Parameters

    • Focus on Strategy

    • 2 credit hour course

    • 3 Day Exercise

    • Unkmoney / tech resources

    • Outside participation / influence

  • Politics

    • Visible Event (TISS & SWCS)

    • CISA-N Interest

    • Products / Event / Effort must be measurable for grade purposes

    • Outside commentary is likely

    • TISS Validation

  • Objectives

    • Engage Students on the topics of

      • Strategy (Estimates)

      • Diplomacy

      • DIME

      • Complex Adaptive Systems

    • Develop supporting products

    • Maximize TISS participation

    • Export the exercise

    • Cultivate enrichment

    • Maintain participant interest

Concept and Chronology

  • A Haitian Situation– Haiti continues to degenerate along given multiple lines (governmental, educational, environmental, poverty, etc) which culminates in an international incident (TBD). This exasperates many outlined (and in some cases ‘constructed’) links between all the playing countries. Examples:

    • The rise of a charismatic nationalistic dictator upsets the Caribbean economic balance and results in militarization , economic response or even conflict.

    • Coordinated terror acts from a transnational network based within the island cause a military / HR crisis in the region. Aweak, yet recognizable governance in Haiti plays spoiler.

  • First Phase – Teams plan (and meet?) in order to present national engagement strategy along the exercises prescribed lines of effort. The red cell takes briefs and adjudicates the incorporated progression of the game clock. Three iterations.

  • Second Phase – Red cell “orchestrates” a peace summit, and teams shift into diplomatic exercise a la TISS / War College exercise.

  • Third Phase – Resolutions from the summit are applied to an immerging crisis situation in the region (hurricane, earthquake, financial crisis, etc) in a 4th national engagement strategy. Red cell decides the “Final Act” based on those presentations.

  • Chronology begins in Winter 2015/2016 and advances by six month increments

Task Org (56)**

Country Teams (6 x 6 pax, 1 x 12)

- Ex: Mexico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Columbia, Honduras, Trinidad & Tabago, United States***

Admin Support Team* (4 pax)

White Cell – Proctors (6 pax)

Red Cell – DMs (8 pax)

- 2 x Cuba, 3 x Hati, 3 x Red Cell

* Record-Keeping duties

** Can be increased by adding country in multiples

*** Sub-Divided into reps of other teams













Proposed Schedule

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Intro Brief 0900-1000

Team Meeting s1000-1130

1st Presentations /


Distraction Drill1300-1500

“Advance Clock”1500-1530

Team Meetings1530-1700

2nd Presentations1730-1800

Closing Remarks1800-1830

Social Time1830-UTC

Intro / “Advance”0800-0830

Team Meeting s0830-1000

3rd Presentations/


Advance /1200-1230

Soft Power Shift1230-1330

Team Meetings1330-1415

1st Diplomacy1415-1500

Team Meetings1500-1545

2nd Diplomacy1545-1630

Team Meetings1630-1715

3rd Diplomacy1715-1800

Closing Remarks1800-1830

Social Time1830-UTC

Team Meeting s0800-0900

4th Diplomacy0900-1000

Closing Diplomacy1000-1130

Working Lunch /

Crisis Update1130-1230

Team Meetings1230-1430

4th Presentations1430-1530

Final Act1530-UTC

Closing RemarksTBD

Social TimeTBD

Day 4 - AAR @ 1000

Deliverables & Considerations

  • Area Studies (brief) and alignments of applicable countries

  • Coordination with SWCS PAO

  • Budget considerations… do we have one? (RFI)

  • Exercise Area organization (1 x Auditorium, 7 x meeting rooms (min))

  • Connectivity (?)

  • Control Group Personnel Requirements (20 pax)

    • 8 x Red Cell

    • 4 x Admin Cell

    • 6 x White Cell

    • 4 x USA Team

  • Participation Personnel Requirements (36 pax)

    • 21 x CISA Students

    • 15 x OPEN SLOTS

  • Invitations for DoS Reps and / or Military Officers as ‘accents’

  • Breakfasts, 1 x Lunch


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