how to solve netflix streaming problem on vizio tv
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Call 1855-856-2653 How to solve Netflix streaming problem on Vizio TV?

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Call 1855-856-2653 How to solve Netflix streaming problem on Vizio TV? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Netflix is the most famous app used by the users of Vizio TV. They enjoy watching contents through this channel and feel like they have not experience any such app earlier but when it stopped working then it disappoints them.

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Today, we are going to discuss the certain ways through which you can solve the netflix com activateproblem on you vizio TV. The ways are so simple and easy. Let’s start with the solution

The first and the foremost thing to troubleshoot the problem is to find out the root cause of the problem and investigate about the problem.


The most prevalent cause of problem while trying to play the contents through Netflix activate is network connection. You need to check the internet settings on your Vizio TV. Steps to check internet Access are:

  • Pick the remote and press menu button from it.
  • Go to network option and click on ok.
  • You will find ‘test connection’ option under network menu. Click on it

You will see the network information on your TV side by side. The testing process may take some time to complete so be patient. Click on ‘download’ after the process is finished.

when netflix doesn t detect the internet connection even when it is working
When Netflix doesn’t detect the internet connection even when it is working

Sometimes, you will encounter this problem on Netflix app while streaming contents through Netflix com link. This error is quite common and you can fix it easily by own.

  • Restart your Vizio TV by turning it off first then turn it on again after few seconds.
  • Unplug the power cord from power socket.
  • To restart your device, press and hold the function button for 10 seconds. This will turn off the device.

Plug the cord back into the TV with another end of cord in power socket and turn on the TV.

Try to get into Netflix com login page now. If you are able to sign in successfully, then you can easily stream the contents smoothly.

use the below mentioned static dns settings to resolve the netflix problem
Use the below mentioned static DNS settings to resolve the Netflix problem
  • Again press the menu button of your Vizio TV.
  • Head on to ‘Network’ and click on OK.
  • Select the setting option and click on manual settings.
  • Turn off the DHCP option. This is turned on by default. Left arrow button on your remote will turn off this feature.

Go to ‘preferred DNS settings’ section. Switch this number to

  • Change the alternate DNS settings to
  • Save these settings and click ok to exit the screen.

These changes in settings will adjust the Vizio TV according to the router and modem working. Now try opening www Netflix com page to check the internet connection.

reset your vizio to default settings
Reset Your Vizio to default settings

If you are still facing a same problem with www Netflix com activate login page, then you need to reset the device completely. The process of factory reset is simple and discussed here as under.

  • Open the menu from Vizio remote.
  • Go to system ‘Reset and admin’ and confirm it.
  • Select the factory reset option and press ok to confirm from remote.

Try Netflix app now.




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