How you can enjoy american netflix in uk
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Call 1855 856-2653 For Netflix Activation so you can enjoy American Netflix in UK too - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Netflix is great in the UK, but there’s even more on offer in the US.Streaming films and TV shows, Netflix really is the default option for most of us. To activate your Netflix on your devices give us call on 1855-856-2653 or for more info visit at

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Stream US Netflix’s Movies, Shows, Documentaries on your Apple TV, iPhone, iPad and Amazon Fire TV Stick

How to get us netflix in the uk apple tv
How to get US Netflix in the UK: Apple TV

  • Open Settings on your Apple TV and go to General > “Network Options”.

  • Select Wi-Fi or Ethernet, depending on your connection, and head to “Configure DNS” and change the setting to Manual.

  • Enter your DNS server address into the entry field and click Confirm.

  • Head back to Settings | General | “iTunes Store” | Location and change it to “United States”.

  • Restart your Apple TV by putting it to sleep and unplugging it for 10 seconds.

  • When you open Netflix, you should have access to the US catalogue.

How to get us netflix in the uk iphone and ipad
How to get US Netflix in the UK: iPhone and iPad

  • Find a DNS address and write it down.

  • Open Wi-Fi settings and select your connection to access configuration options.

  • Scroll down to “DNS settings” and delete the existing DNS address.

  • Write in the new US DNS address.

  • Netflix should now connect to the US version when it boots up.

How to get us netflix in the uk amazon fire tv stick
How to get US Netflix in the UK: Amazon Fire TV Stick

  • Get  a DNS address, then boot up your Fire TV Stick.

  • Head to Settings | System | “Forget current network”

  • Log in to your home network and, during setup, click Advanced.

  • Give your Fire TV stick a static IP using the first three groups of numbers in its IP address, plus another random number you assign it (eg 192.168.1.X).

  • Now enter the DNS address you’ve found, or have been given by your VPN, in the Primary and Secondary DNS fields.

  • Restart your Fire TV Stick and boot up Netflix.

Hope you will enjoy netflix content on your devices
Hope you will enjoy Netflix Content on Your Devices

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