Scent warriors january 2012 group webinar
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Scent Warriors January 2012 Group Webinar - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Scent Warriors January 2012 Group Webinar. Vision 2012: Dream – Believe – Achieve. Karen Fettes Independent Scentsy SuperStar Director. Introductions & Welcome. Karen Fettes Scentsy SuperStar Director, Scent Warriors Group 843-252-2735

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Scent Warriors January 2012 Group Webinar

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Presentation Transcript

Scent Warriors January 2012 Group Webinar

Vision 2012:

Dream – Believe – Achieve

Karen Fettes

Independent Scentsy SuperStar Director

Introductions & Welcome

  • Karen Fettes

  • Scentsy SuperStar Director, Scent Warriors Group

  • 843-252-2735



  • Email is the best way to reach me. I try to respond within 24 business hours.

Here’s the scoop….

  • Updates & Reminders

  • Opportunities & Promotions for January

  • A few deductions you won’t want to miss

  • 2012 Vision Statement

  • The Butterfly and Your Scentsy Business

Updates and Reminders

  • Jan 9-13: Leadership Retreat, Riveria Maya – many Directors in our group will be attending

  • Sprint Registration is closed

  • Please respond to the survey going out regarding Spring Sprint attendance locations

  • Last month for Incentive Trip Qualifications

  • Convention 2012: Registration will open early Spring

  • Spring/Summer Catalog Transition – Right Around The Corner

  • Scentsy 1099’s

Build Your Business with January Opportunities & Promotions

  • January Double Half Price Host Items

  • Bring Back My Bar Promotion

  • January WOTM & SOTM (Valentine & Linger)

  • Valentine’s Day Shopping Opportunities

  • Credit Card Crunch: A Recruiting Opportunity

  • Spring Sprint: Share the Spirit & Plant Seeds Along the Way

A Few Deductions…it’s almost that time of year

  • Cost of Products

  • Advertising Expenses

  • Office Supplies

  • Computer & Technology Purchases

  • Sales Tax

  • Customer, Hostess & Downline Gifts


  • Shooting Star Enhance. Kit

  • Marketing & Branding Expenses

  • Postage/Shipping

  • Printing

  • Scentsy Parties

  • Incentives for Team Members

  • Conventions, Conferences, and Meetings

  • Vendor Booth Fees

  • Insurance Expenses

  • Scentsy Party Expenses

  • Meeting Expenses (Food, Giveaways, Training Materials)

  • Cell Phone (75% deduction)

Deductions: It adds up

  • Meals with clients or team (50% deductible, write on back or receipt)

  • Travel – Business Related Expenses are 100% deductible

  • Internet (50% if home usage, higher if a dedicated line)

  • Home Office Deduction

  • Contract Labor

  • Auto Expenses (Actual expenses or mileage)

  • Bank Charges

  • Accounting & Legal Fees

  • Tax Preparation Fees

  • Credit Card Fees

  • Donations

  • Website Fees

  • Cross Border Monthly Fees

  • There are many more…..

It’s important to remember…

  • Consult a CPA for Tax Advice

  • Expenses must be Ordinary, Necessary, & Reasonable

  • You need receipts for everything

  • Keep a mileage log, a demo product log, and a gift log

  • Put a % of your commission back for taxes all year long

  • Tax Training on the Training Center

  • Make sure you take a year end product inventory

  • Consider a bookkeeping program like Quickbooks or a Neat Desk for digital receipt scanning

  • Is it time to Incorporate - significant tax savings!

  • More information at

“2012 will make all previous years look like practice rounds.” -Orville Thompson

2012: An Intense & Exciting Year Ahead with Scentsy, Inc.

  • 2012: Are you ready for full speed ahead?

  • Don’t make resolutions – set goals

  • A Year of Exciting Change & Incredible Growth Opportunities

  • Goosebumps & Anticipation: You can feel the excitement

  • Brand X – Do you understand the potential?

  • The importance of sharing our group vision and where we are going to lead you in 2012

Scent Warriors Vision Statement 2012

Dream – Believe - Achieve

How high will you soar?

  • The sky literally is the limit.

  • You’re limited only by what you dream to achieve.

  • You’re only limited by what you believe you can achieve.

  • This year we are going to help remove the fog that is limiting your vision. It starts with a dream – dream big!

  • No point in dreaming if you don’t believe.

  • It’s through your hard work, dedication, your commitment, and your belief that you will achieve these dreams.

  • Create a dream board: Put those dreams on paper, visualize, make it real, look at it daily! Make sure they are your dreams.

  • We can encourage and inspire but you have to metamorphosis to the point of making these dreams a reality.

The Butterfly

And Your Scentsy Business

The Monarch Butterflyand Its Amazing Journey

Each fall, Monarch butterflies in Maine begin an unbelievable journey to a hilltop in Mexico.

How do they do it?

  • Focus on the goal, not the difficulties

  • Allow their instincts and desire to steer them

  • Accept what comes

  • No matter what, they keep flying

  • The Wind: A Help & Sometimes a Hindrance

  • They fly together. By working together, by flying together, they help keep each other on course. They don’t tire, they don’t quit. They face their obstacles together, they keep each other going and no matter what…they keep flying. They keep flying until, one day, they arrive.

  • Their determination makes the difference.

    Where will you migrate with your Scentsy business this year?

The Butterfly Lesson

  • Butterfly Life Cycle

    • Egg, Caterpillar, Cocoon, Butterfly

  • Business Cycle

    • Starter Kit, where your business life begins

    • Invest time to nourish & grow your business

      • Training – Learn everything you can

      • Giving – Give back in everyway you can

      • Take Responsibility for you Business

      • Work with Determination & Dedication

      • Build a stable & solid foundation (cocoon)

The Cocoon

  • When the butterfly breaks out of it’s cocoon, it is a very long and difficult process.

The Butterfly EARNS its Colors!!

  • The struggle to break free is how the butterfly gains the strength to spread it’s wings and fly.

Your Scentsy Journey

  • It is Not Easy

  • You Get Out What You Put In

    • Hard Work

    • Dedication

    • Determination

    • Give it Your All Everyday – DO NOT QUIT

  • We Are All in the Process of Transformation

    • Make the Decision

      • Do you want to be a beautiful butterfly or stay stuck in the cocoon?

Leadership Helping You Out of Your Cocoon

  • Leaders want to help make the process easier

    • But Too Much Help, Does Not Help


      This is what will drive you to keep breaking

      out of the cocoon…

      This is what will motivate and encourage you.

      This is what will keep you excited to spread your wings and fly!

Man and a Butterfly

Just like the butterfly, I too will awaken in my own time.  ~Deborah Chaskin

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