The biosphere planet reach
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The Biosphere: Planet Reach PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Biosphere: Planet Reach. Jimmy Silva Laura Vasquez Derek Mendoza. Ecosystem: Manassas. Biological Community. Producer- Les fleurs est tres belle *Population-78,947 First Consumer-Onyx’s Population-60,000 to 70,000 Second Consumer-Locusts Population-50,000

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The Biosphere: Planet Reach

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The Biosphere: Planet Reach

Jimmy Silva

Laura Vasquez

Derek Mendoza

Ecosystem: Manassas

Biological Community

  • Producer- Les fleurs est tres belle


  • First Consumer-Onyx’s

  • Population-60,000 to 70,000

  • Second Consumer-Locusts

  • Population-50,000

  • Third Consumer-Marcus phoenix

  • Population-1

  • Decomposer- Simona

    * Population-2

Producer: Les fleurs est tres belle

  • Range- outskirts of Manassas

  • Population size- large

  • Reproduction- the Onyx pollinates the flowers of the les fleurs est tres belle

  • Nutrition- the les fleurs est tres belle is an autotroph so it makes its own food using photosynthesis

  • Sensitivity- is sensitive to cold weather

  • Climate- lives in tropical weather

  • Surface- on land

First Consumer: Onyx

  • Range- underground caves

  • Population- 60,00 to 70,000

  • Reproduction-internal fertilization, lay eggs but do not care for their young the young has to survive on its own

  • Nutrition- the onyx feeds on the les fleursesttres belle

  • Sesitivity- to sunlight

  • Climate- dark and cold.

Second consumer: Locusts

  • Range – in trees

  • Population-50,000

  • Reproduction- Internal fertilization, lays eggs and does not care for its young

  • Nutrition- feeds off the onyx

  • Sensitivity- Light

  • Climate- any temperature that is not hot

Third consumer

  • Range – In Manassas, inner city

  • Population- 1

  • Reproduction- there is no reproduction because he lives forever.

  • Nutrition- Feeds off the food in manassas

Decomposer: Simona

  • Range-unknown???

  • Population-2

  • Reproduction- hermaphroditic, asexually reproduces.

  • Nutrition- feeds on dead organic matter

  • Sensitivity- no sensitivity

  • Climate-heat and humidity

  • Surface where there is wet surfaces on ground such as puddles of water.


  • The planet Reach was a peacefull planet. Filled with a variety of different types of animals and plants. These plants and animals were very helpful to the enviornment. Some plants provided cures to diseases and the animals helped maintain balance by killing the deadlier animals. Then things started to go wrong. The covenant took over the planet. The covenant is an alien race that heard transmitionsfrom the city Manassas. When they heard those transmitionsfrom the radio they started heading toward them and they found a planet named Reach. They terraformed it by using these big hot beams called the Hammer of Dawn. This beam would heat up the ground so bad that it would turn the ground into glass. When they terraformed it they changed everything about the planet including the atmosphere and biosphere. Everything on that planet DIED horrifically…but only one survivor remained…His name was Marcus phoenix.

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