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“The Outsiders” By S.E Hinton Power Point Presentation. Sydney Morris October 27, 2009 7c. Comparison Slide. Johnny *Has a troubled family *Is part of a gang *Has a bad past * Has been jumped *Carries a blade at all times *Killed a person *Is normally scared. Me

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“The Outsiders” By S.E Hinton Power Point Presentation

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Comparison Slide


*Has a troubled family

*Is part of a gang

*Has a bad past

* Has been jumped

*Carries a blade at all times

*Killed a person

*Is normally scared


*Does not have a troubled family

*Is not part of a gang

*Never been jumped

*Does not carry or own a blade

*Never killed a person

*Not normally scared

Comparison Slide: Greasers to Socials


  • Long hair

  • Poor

  • East end of town

  • Greasy hair

  • Leather jackets

  • Show emotion more(according to Cherry)


  • Rich

  • Short hair

  • West side of town

  • Nice cars(mustangs)

Theme Slide

My Theme: Loyalty

Always stay loyal to your friends, family, colleagues, etc. You never know when you might need them to come through for you or to help you out in a hard time or if you just want them around.

Main Conflict

The main conflict in “The Outsiders” was between the greasers and socials and how they couldn’t get along because of where they were from or if they were rich or poor. This problem was resolved by having a huge rumble(fight) with about twenty socials and fifteen greasers. They thought that fighting their problems out would work, at least for them.

Character Slide

  • Ponyboy-One of the main characters. Soda and Darry’s little brother.

  • Johnny-

  • Dallas-

  • Soda-

  • Darry-

  • Two-bit-

  • Steve-

Character Slide

  • Bob- Bob is always getting drunk and getting into fights or trouble. However he can be sweet and loving at times, and he can be a really good person.

  • Randy- Randy does not like a lot of trouble throughout the story. He chooses to back out of rumbles and resolves his issues another way, by talking them out.

  • Cherry- Cherry is different from other socials. She sees the greasers and socials the same.

  • Marcia- Marcia seems to be Cherry’s sidekick. She always sticks by her side and stays loyal.

Reflection slide

Overall, I think “The Outsiders” is a very good book. It teaches you about choices; good and bad. I learned about the different things that go on in troubled neighborhoods or rival towns. It was interesting to see what can go through the minds of other people and how it can effect the people around them.

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