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L13 - Action Adventure – Mise -en-scene and Editing in Action Adventure films - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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L13 - Action Adventure – Mise -en-scene and Editing in Action Adventure films. Tuesday 23 rd April 2013. Homework: Produce an answer to the Exam question:. Due: TODAY!. Aims & Objectives. Why?. Re-cap prior learning of important areas covered so far.

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L13 - Action Adventure –

Mise-en-scene and Editing in

Action Adventure films

Tuesday 23rdApril 2013


Produce an answer to the Exam question:


Aims & Objectives


  • Re-cap prior learning of important areas covered so far.

  • Look at an exemplar paragraph for Mise-en-scene and Editing.

  • Analyse the use of these technical features from a sequence from the genre – ‘Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade’ (1989) Dir. Steven Spielberg.

  • Produce a PEA paragraph for EACH micro Feature.

  • Review the learning.

So you are prepared for the Exam on June 6th!

Re-cap of Stereotypes in the genre.

YOU MAY be asked to come up to the white board and write down x1 example of a stereotypein the Action Adventure genre.

What is the term used to describe a challenge to a stereotype?


Stereotypes in Action-Adventure Films

YOU MUST write these down as you are going to identify them in a moment form the same sequence from ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ (1981) Dir. Steven Spielberg

  • Narrative - Usually based around the Hero v Villain narrative theme.

  • Gender and Nationality - The hero is usually American, strong and resourceful and conveys stereotypically masculine traits..

  • Gender - The hero often protects vulnerable and/or submissive women from harm..

  • Gender and Nationality - The ‘villain’ (Propp) is usually someone (male or female) who conveys obvious qualities such as dark clothing, physical deformities OR speaks with a foreign accent.

  • Ethnicity - The American heroine will often be white.

If these are challenged in any way, then YOU MUST comment on this and say how it is “anti-stereotyping” the character.

Starter Task 2) – 5 minutes

Using the worksheet you are about to be given, YOU MUST read the exemplar Paragraphs that are described as being “High Level” from the exam board (OCR) and answer the questions below on the same page.

Green = Area of strength

Red= Area of Improvement

‘Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade’ (1989) Dir. Steven Speilberg

On the other side of the sheet you have been given, YOUMUSTanalyse the use of mise-en-scene and editingand establish how it “fits” our expectations of the Action-Adventure genre.

YOU SHOULD refer to the specific examples highlighted and be prepared to feedback your findings to the rest of the class.

We will watch the scene TWICE so you have a better opportunity to make effective notes.


What have you managed to analyse? –

YOU MUST make notes on any areas that you are “light” on!

What Edittechnique is used here?

Cross dissolve

What does this transition connote to the audience?

What verbal code would you use to define the setting?


What shot type is used to establish the arrival/dilemma that faces the characters?

Over the shoulder

HOW does the costume of the female character represent the Good v Evil themes expected in the genre?

How is the main protagonist represented in this scene?

Costumeand Props

WHAT is the irony of this moment?

HOW does it effect the audience?

What Edittechnique is used here?


Stereotypes Task

  • Based on your knowledge of the stereotypespresented in this genre, YOU MUST comment on the representation of:

  • Gender

  • Nationality

  • Ethnicity/Race


Analyse the use of the 4 technical features in a sequence of your choice.

Use the resources that have been previously given to you such as your analysis of ‘Iron Man 2’

Due: Next lesson – Tuesday 30thApril 2013

NEXT REVISION: Monday 29th April 2013