gang life by jason marque sole
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Gang Life By Jason Marque Sole

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Gang Life By Jason Marque Sole. Four factors are primary in the formation of juvenile gangs (William Gladden Foundation, 1992).

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gang life by jason marque sole
Gang Life


Jason Marque Sole

four factors are primary in the formation of juvenile gangs william gladden foundation 1992
Four factors are primary in the formation of juvenile gangs (William Gladden Foundation, 1992)
  • *First, youth experience a sense of alienation and powerlessness because of a lack of traditional support structures, such as family and school. This can lead to feelings of frustration and anger, and a desire to obtain support outside of traditional institutions.
  • *Second, gang membership gives youth a sense of belonging and becomes a major source of identity for its members. In turn, gang membership affords youth a sense of power and control, and gang activities become an outlet for their anger.
  • *Third, the control of turf is essential to the well-being of the gang, which often will use force to control both its territory and members.
  • *Finally, recruitment of new members and expansion of territory are essential if a gang is to remain strong and powerful. Both "willing" and "unwilling" members are drawn into gangs to feed the need for more resources and gang members.
the socialization process
The Socialization Process

“Many youth view joining a gang as normal and respectable, even when the consequence is a series of delinquent and violent acts. Gang affiliation may constitute part of an expected socialization process in certain communities when they are viewed as embodying such values as honor, loyalty, and fellowship.”

John J. Wilson, 1994

instant gratification
Instant Gratification

“Gang life offers power and quick money, acquisitions that usually take a lifetime to accumulate following the proper steps of accomplishment through education and the job field.”

National Drug & Safety League, 2008

the hegemony
The Hegemony

“Street gangs are an amalgam of racism, of urban underclass poverty, of minority and youth culture, of fatalism in the face of rampant deprivation, of political insensitivity, and the gross ignorance of inner-city America on the part of most of us who don’t have to survive there.”

John J. Wilson, 2000

retaliation is a must
Retaliation is a must!

“In seeking to protect and promote their reputation, gangs often engage in prolonged wars, which are kept alive between larger fights by small incidents and threats of violence. One gang may claim precedence, which means that the other group must challenge them if they want to retain their honor and reassert their reputation.”

James C. Howell, 1999


It\'s so crucial that we are able to reach our students at a young age – before they wind up in gangs.


Gangs take root in schools for many reasons, but the primary attraction of gangs is their ability to respond to student needs that are not otherwise being met; they often provide youth with a sense of family and acceptance otherwise lacking in their lives.


Many children fear leaving the gang life because they feel that they will get beaten or even killed by their gang members for knowing too much.

no outlets
No Outlets!

“When kids reach the point, at 15 or 16, when they are in gangs, the resources to help them get out just aren’t there. If you are a hardcore gang member, there is nowhere you can go.”

Kevin Johnson

contact information
Contact Information

Jason Marque Sole

[email protected]

612-348-8570 ext. 25 (office)

651-983-0982 (cell)