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894-4100 employ@pei.aibn.com www.employmentjourney.com. P ublication designed to profile jobs/ careers in demand on PEI. . Our focus: Uncovering the hidden job market by: Revealing the PEI jobs that may not be advertised Providing PEI career-related information.

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894-4100 employ@pei.aibn.com www.employmentjourney.com

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Publication designed to profile jobs/ careers in demand on PEI.

  • Our focus:

  • Uncovering the hidden job market by:

  • Revealing the PEI jobs that may not be advertised

  • Providing PEI career-related information.

  • – print, website, facebook, and twitter.

Where the jobs are on PEI?

  • Agriculture

  • 6,790 people were employed; sector increased to 250 new jobs in 2011.

  • More jobs in this sector than you may think; there are jobs in trucking, crop insurance, marketing, plant science and in nurseries. Farmers offer year-round jobs and seasonal.

  • PEI Agriculture Sector Council 892-1091 or www.peiagsc.ca

Where the jobs are on PEI?

  • Aerospace

  • 900 people now work in this sector on PEI. 126 jobs posted in aerospace industry on PEI in 2012-13. Desperate need for more staff.

  • Eight out of nine graduates of Holland College’s Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine Repair and Overhaul program found jobs; four graduates had multiple job offers.

  • Portsmouth Atlantic newest company- hiring up to 35 next 3 years. Engineering, welding, machinist, etc.

  • Aerospace Association of PEI 892-3177 or www.aerospacepei.com

Where the jobs are on PEI?

  • Aquaculture

  • Globally, the fastest growing food producing sector in the world.

  • Jobs available year-round in rural areas; i.e.: job titles Quality Control, Maintenance, and Power Engineers.

  • PEI Aquaculture Alliance 368-2757 or www.aquaculturepei.com 

Where the jobs are on PEI?

  • Bioscience “the business of science”

  • 1,100 people working in this industry.

  • 38 companies across the Island.

  • researches and develops medicine and food health products and supplements with plans to market them.

  • Honibe® success story.

    PEI BioAlliance 367-4460 or www.peibioalliance.com

Where the jobs are on PEI?

  • Construction - Commercial & Residential

  • Shortage of one million workers across Canada.

  • 40 percent of new jobs in the future will be in trades.

  • About 500 construction companies on PEI.

  • Trades most in demand - plumbers, carpenters and electricians.

  • Construction Association of PEI 368-3303 or www.capei.ca

  • PEI Residential Construction Sector Council 367-336 or www.peircsc.ca

Where the jobs are on PEI?

  • Construction - Road and Bridge Building

  • Islanders seeking work out west, creating significant job openings on PEI for mechanics, truckers, skilled operators and engineering technicians.

  • Busiest time of the year – late summer, early fall.

  • Road Builders and Heavy Construction Association

  • 894-9514 or www.peirb.ca

Where the jobs are on PEI?

  • Culture

  • Big sector for self-employment.

  • The number of festivals and events is growing, (i.e. Art in the Open, PEI 2014).

  • Culture PEI 367-4460 or www.peiculture.ca

  • Finance

  • Hiring is ongoing at banks, insurance, investment, and accounting companies. CGI prime example.


Where the jobs are on PEI?

  • Health

  • Demand will increase over the next three to five years.

  • Over 60 job categories, many of which are in demand.

  • Licensed Practical Nurse and Resident Care Worker are trending upward.

  • Many health assistant jobs are becoming available.

  • PEI Health Sector Council 367-4460 or www.peihsc.ca

Where the jobs are on PEI?

  • Information Technology

  • 1,400 people employed in over 100 IT companies.

  • 2,200 IT jobs in other sectors and in government.

  • Although there is an increase in IT jobs, no increase in enrolment of IT college and university programs.

  • In demand: Technician, call centre staff, e-health workers, developers, programmers, testers, video games developer, project managers, graphic designers.

  • Innovation and Technology Association of PEI

  • 894-4827 or www.itap.ca

Where the jobs are on PEI?

Justice: Lawyer, Legal Assistant, Police, Probation Officer, Youth Worker, Counsellor

• about 250 lawyers are working on PEI

• 24% are in small firms of two to four lawyers;

• 70% of lawyers are under 45 years of age

• almost half of law school graduates are women.

For more information,contact The Law Society of PEI: www.lspei.pe.ca

Where the jobs are on PEI?

  • Professional Engineers

  • 15 new grads were hired right after university- 2012

  • Typically companies looking for five to 10 years experience.

  • Newest company opened on PEI requires Engineers- Portsmouth Atlantic.

  • Engineers PEI AT 566-1268 or www.engineerspei.com

  • Retail

  • Largest private sector employer – 9,700 people working

    • on PEI in 2012. Advancement options and transferable skills.


Where the jobs are on PEI?

  • Tourism

  • On PEI, it’s predicted that 300 full-time jobs will go unfilled by 2015. Jobs such as restaurant managers, cooks, room attendants, and events planners.

  • Tourism Industry Association of PEI 566-5008 or www.choosetourism.com

  • Trucking

  • 72% of companies report shortage of heavy-duty truck and transport mechanics.

  • The next five years, 500 drivers will be needed on PEI.

  • Information sessions offered regularly.

  • PEI Trucking Sector Council 566-5563 or www.peitsc.ca

How to uncover the job market

  • Get help – visit an employment counsellor

  • Do your research – gather information and talk to people connected with industries on PEI

How to uncover the job market

  • Keep track of jobs available on PEI through various job listing websites; be aware of what skills to develop

  • Much of the job market is hidden. Identify the companies you want to work for and talk with them to find out about their hiring needs.

How to uncover the job market

Since 85 per cent of jobs are not advertised, how do you find employment opportunities in your community?

  • Tell family and friends you are looking for work

  • Offer to volunteer or job shadow

  • Do informational meetings

  • Use social media (facebook, twitter, LinkedIn)

  • Make a calling card which is a mini resume

  • Have a mentor who is a positive influence in your life

Job Search & Career Planning Tools

Items for your toolbox :

  • Resumé , cover letter, and calling card

  • Questions for informational meetings and job interviews

  • Tips on body language and what to wear to information meetings and job interviews

  • Business directories, career booklets, news releases, local news, and copies of The Employment Journey.

Here is news that can help you stay on top of the job market on PEI.


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