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Space suits
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Space Suits. Parts and Functions By Salamasina Fitisemanu… of Mr. Reed’s 2 nd Period Class. Helmet.

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Space Suits

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Space suits

Space Suits

Parts and Functions

By Salamasina Fitisemanu…

of Mr. Reed’s 2nd Period Class



The helmet keeps the oxygen pressure leveled around the astronaut’s head. The main part of the helmet is the plastic bubble. It’s covered in a thin layer of gold to protect the eyes against the sun’s rays. There is also a vent pad towards the front used to direct the oxygen in the helmet.

Primary life support system

Primary Life Support System

The PLSS is worn like a backpack. It supplies oxygen for breathing, and removes the exhaled carbon dioxide. It also holds a water cooling system and a two-way radio.

Control module

Control Module

This is the control center of the space suit. It contains many gauges, switches, valves, and control knobs. These are used for purposes like communication, suit temperature monitoring, fans, water, and much more!

Space suits

Upper Body (torso)

The torso holds the control module, insulates, and protects the upper body. It also contains a hard protective upper suit inside! Insulated gloves are also attached to this assembly.

Lower body

Lower Body

This assembly includes protective and insulated boots, pants, and the metal waist closure. The closure hooks onto the upper body. It’s made with the same material as the upper body assembly.

The space suit

The Space Suit

Put it all together and you get…



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Space suits

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