2013 sport clubs officers clinic
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2013 Sport Clubs Officers’ Clinic - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2013 Sport Clubs Officers’ Clinic. Welcome. Introduction Zach Gilbert - Assistant Director Brian Stelzer - Coordinator Andy Rampe - Coordinator. Agenda. Together Learning Outcomes Expectations Being a Club L eader Important Dates SCC/ E- Board Competitive Sports Staff Advisors

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Presentation Transcript


  • Introduction

    • Zach Gilbert - Assistant Director

    • Brian Stelzer - Coordinator

    • Andy Rampe - Coordinator


  • Together

    • Learning Outcomes

    • Expectations

    • Being a Club Leader

    • Important Dates

    • SCC/ E- Board

    • Competitive Sports Staff Advisors

    • Monthly Meetings

    • Coaches

    • Eligibility

    • Waivers/Swim Tests

    • Supervisors

    • Technology

Agenda cont
Agenda (cont.)

  • Presidents & Treasurers

    • Budgets

    • Purchasing

    • Points

    • Logos

    • Travel

Agenda cont1
Agenda (cont.)

  • Vice Presidents & Secretaries

    • On Campus Services

    • Home Events/Meetings

    • Practices

    • Lights

    • Risk Management

Learning outcomes
Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will be able to define the roles of coaches and supervisors.

  • Participants will be able to identify five policies pertaining to the administration of their club.

  • Participants will score 80% or better on after clinic assessment.

  • Participants will be able to outline three duties of their officer position.

  • Participants will be able to list at least three monthly meeting agenda items.


  • What can you expect from us?

    • To be a resource and an ally

    • To hold you accountable

  • What we expect from you:

    • Communication

    • Accountability

    • Seahawk wherever you go

Leading the club
Leading the Club

  • Head of an organization

    • Set the example

      • Share your vision, promote camaraderie

      • Talk the talk AND Walk the walk

    • Margaret Thatcher said about leaders. “Being a leader is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are one – you’re not.”

Leading the club1
Leading the Club

  • Transitioning Leadership

    • What went well?

      • On AND off the field

    • What do you need to make that transition easier?

      • E.g. access to club email, past contacts, off-campus account info.

Leading the club cont
Leading the Club (cont.)

  • Expectations of members

    • Make sure they are written in your constitution.

  • Recruit Leaders

    • Identify prospective leaders

    • Create positions for them as a “try out”

      • Alumni Chair, Fundraising Officer, Etc.


  • SCLS (fall)

    • Dobo 205 5:30pm

    • Sept 11, 25

    • Oct 16, 30

    • Nov 13, 20

  • SCC (fall)

    • Dobo 134 7pm

    • Oct 15

    • Dec 3

Scc e board
SCC/ E-Board

  • Sport Club Council

    • How it affects your club

    • Supplemental Funding

  • Executive Board

    • President: Sal Serpe

    • Vice President: Blair Bigwood

    • Treasurer: Amanda Wilcek

    • Secretary: Joseph Maldonado

  • Their role within the SCC

    • Mentor clubs

    • Represent clubs in certain situations

    • Provide budget recommendations

Monthly meetings
Monthly Meetings

  • Meetings once a month with CS Advisor

  • Preferred to be with Club President and at least one other member, but can with as many members as club desires

  • Be prepared to discuss:

    • Club goals

    • Monthly club report

      • (Due last Wednesday of each month)

    • Upcoming events

    • Upcoming travel

    • Club budget

    • Anticipated purchases


  • Must submit Coaching Information Form

  • Must attend one Coach’s Orientation session

    • Time & Location TBD

  • CS Staff must review coaching candidates

  • It is recommended that they have certifications.

  • Their job is to coach, not run the club


  • Who is eligible?

    • “Currently enrolled University of North Carolina Wilmington students who have paid student fees are eligible to participate in the sport clubs as are University of North Carolina Wilmington Faculty & Staff.”

  • Try outs

    • Can’t cut anyone, but can create a travel squad, A team, etc.

Waivers swim tests
Waivers/Swim Tests

  • Waivers

    • Due to CS Office before any practices/physical activity

    • Should be done during required interest meetings

  • Swim Tests

    • Required for ALL aquatic related clubs

    • Must make appointment for club (set-times avail.)

      • first come first serve


  • ID & Waiver Checks

  • Enforce policies

  • Help you with events

  • Another line of communication



  • Forms/Manuals page


  • Direct credit card payment

  • Dues/entry fees (always open or period only)

  • Link Available on Sport Clubs website

League dues tournament entry
League Dues/Tournament Entry

  • NEW

    • May be paid by Credit Card with advanced notice

    • MUST follow same purchasing procedures

      • (quote first, ensure they take credit, etc.)

    • Travel & Tournament Entry

      • MUST be requested/submitted with Travel Request

Social media
Social Media

Facebook: UNCW Sport Clubs (Group & Page)

Twitter: @UNCWSportClubs

  • Live On-Campus posts/tweets

  • Marketing & Newsletter

    We need more followers!!

  • Fall Semester Album Challenge

    • Photo in album w/most “Likes” wins

  • Spring Semester Bracket

    • Match-ups (groups of 4) in tourney style showdown!

    • Winner earns 5 budget points

      • Worth $100 in 12-13

Uncw sport club bracket round 1
UNCW Sport Club Bracket Round 1

Winner determined the week of Jan XX

Vote for a team using the poll question below!

Club 1: Men’s Rugby

Club 2: Women’s Ultimate

Club 4: Women’s Lacrosse

Club 3: Triathlon

Video newsletter
Video Newsletter

  • Created monthly for highlights & info

  • Content

    • Announcements

      • Upcoming meetings/deadlines/etc.

      • Competition schedule

    • Athlete of the Month

      • Submit each month, voted on by Council Board

    • Results/Highlights from past month


  • Keep track of your income and expenses

  • Fundraising/Sponsorships

    • Make sure you get it approved

    • Get creative

  • Deposits

    • Money should be deposited by the next business day.

    • Donations are eligible for tax benefits.

  • Petty Cash

    • Get approval

    • Under $50

    • Bring in Receipts

    • Fill out form

Budget requests presentation
Budget Requests/Presentation

  • Request/Hearing (60% of on-campus allocation)

    • February/March

    • More formal process this year

      • Powerpointor similar

      • Defend/show projected budget

        • (e.g. bring copies of invoices, show competition results, etc.)

    • Must include Operational Cost

      • Minimum to function as a club

      • Carry over balance should NOT be more than double

Point system
Point System

  • Point System (40% of on-campus allocation)

    • You can earn points and you can lose points

    • Changes for the 12-13 AY

      • No weekly reports

      • Can only gain 3 budget points a semester for team meetings

      • ½ point for chalking, tabling, & painting rock


  • http://prezi.com/m7kf4dp2_tlo/sport-club-sectreas-workshop/

  • Must be pre-approved!

  • Art work must be submitted for approval

  • Submit a merchandise request form

  • If using a logo, must be with a licensed vendor.

  • Approved Logos


  • Forms

  • Travel Notebooks

  • Reimbursements

    • Any reimbursement submitted after the 10 business day deadline will be subject to minus points in the amount of -5 points for each day late. This is only incurred if a reimbursement is submitted late.

    • Name on receipt must match name on card.

    • Must be within travel dates.

  • Gas

    • Fuel receipt that shows the $ per gallon, the date of purchase and the total price.

  • Entry Fees

    • Submit the official entry form and a travel request for the event to [email protected] Make sure to note that you want to use club funds to pay.

    • Entry fees can only be process along with a travel request. All entry fees are paid AFTER the event takes place.

  • Travel cont
    Travel Cont.

    • Lodging

      • Must submit receipts with a zero balance.

      • Must submit a Hotel Occupancy Form upon return.

    • Vehicle Rental

      • Call Enterprise to reserve a vehicle(s) and write down the reservation number on the vehicle request form. Confirm that Enterprise has your driver licenses information on file.

      • Make sure to identify yourself and your club. Request the UNCW rate (includes insurance.)

      • Complete the vehicle request form including the reservation number and tax (must be listed as a line item).

      • Submit the Vehicle Request with the Travel Request .

      • Gas cards are available for Rental Vehicles. Cards may be reserved by checking the appropriate space on the Travel Request form. They are available on a first-come, first-serve-basis.

    On campus services
    On Campus Services

    • Mailbox

      • CR Offices

      • Please get into a habit of checking it once a week

    • Email

      • Create a club email that can be passed down

      • Request a UNCW email account by contacting the Campus Activities & Involvement Center located in the Fisher Student Center.

    • Reserve a room

      • Free of cost

      • Contact information is in the Sport Clubs Manual online.

      • Send Competitive Sports an event request

    • Flyers

      • Less than 20 copies can made CAIC Office

      • Competitive Sports can help you with larger projects

      • Club funds can only be used for on campus printing

    • Buttons

      • 50 per semester

    • Posters

      • 5 per semester

    • Banners

    Hosting an event
    Hosting an Event

    • Fundraisers/ Games/ Meetings

      • Submit home game schedule as soon as possible (ALL Clubs)

      • Fundraisers/Meetings

        • For on campus meetings rooms see previous slide

        • Submit Event Requests for Campus Recreation Facilities

        • Make sure you have a spot reserved for fundraisers

    Hosting competitions
    Hosting Competitions

    • Games

      • For games submit an event request – 14 business days in advance

      • Contact opponent to verify times and dates

      • Schedule officials if needed

      • Schedule a time to set up for your event

      • Develop a budget

    • Pre-Competition Meeting (NEW)

      • REQUIRED to host on-campus

      • Held week prior to event (Thursdays @ 5pm or by appt.)

      • Agenda: Set-up, Field, Painting, Restrictions, etc.


    • Requirements to begin practicing

    • Non club members cannot participate!

      • Cape Fear students, community members, etc.

    • Cancelations

    • Field Conditions

      • Pay attention to weather/call hotline

    • Bikes & Skateboards

      • Off the fields

      • Bike at racks

    • Trash

    • Keys and Equipment

    Risk management
    Risk Management

    • Waivers

      • Proof read!

        • Common errors

      • Swim test

        • Must schedule time

    • Float/Route Plans

      • Route intended to take

      • Who is participating

      • Who is CPR/1st AID certified

    • Injuries

      • Reports

    • Weather

      • 30 rule for lightning

    • CPR/1ST AID

      • 2 members