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Triad DSP RackAmps ™ Set Up

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Triad DSP RackAmps ™ Set Up - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Triad DSP RackAmps ™ Set Up. Triad DSP RackAmp Setup. DSP RackAmps 350 & 600. 2 Models - For all Triad Subwoofer Enclosures: InRoom, InWall, InCeiling, CinemaPlus, FlexSubs, & legacy subs. DSP provides ideal frequency response and limiting for

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Presentation Transcript

Triad DSP RackAmp Setup

DSP RackAmps 350 & 600

  • 2 Models - For all Triad Subwoofer Enclosures: InRoom,
  • InWall, InCeiling, CinemaPlus, FlexSubs, & legacy subs.
  • DSP provides ideal frequency response and limiting for
  • each Triad sub model plus unmatched setup flexibility.
  • Unique setup features let you fine tune our subs to the
  • room, the application, & your customer. They make our
  • subs sound better.
  • Use with Triad subwoofers only. These are NOT universal
  • amplifiers or subwoofer amplifiers.

2 Menus

Simple User Menu

  • User Menu display times out after 25 seconds of inactivity.

Advanced Setup Menu

  • Installer Setup Menu display does not time out.

Top line shows selected Menu item.

  • Bottom line shows Settings; the middle Setting is selected and active.
  • or changes Setting.
  • Press for next Menu item; for previous Menu item.
  • Press Enter when prompted.
  • Changes are dynamic & real time. What you see is what you hear!
  • User Menu changes are Auto-saved. No saving required.
  • saves Installer Setup Menu changes & returns to User Menu.
  • Non applicable Menu items are hidden from view.

Menu Navigation


You are asked to pick the Triad Sub model the amp will drive.

  • Select the right model with or ; then press Enter .
  • If correct, Press Enter to Confirm.

When you first power up a RackAmp


User Menu - Volume

  • VOLUME is temporary & volatile, not meant for
  • permanent level setting.
  • Volume reverts back to 00db when amp is powered
  • OFF or when another Preset is selected.
  • Range: Mute to -40dB to +11dB.
  • Default: 00dB

User Menu - Presets

  • 6 User selectable Presets: REF (Reference), CINEMA,
  • THX (not applicable), NIGHT (lower Volume level plus
  • compression), CUSTOM 1, & CUSTOM 2.
  • Custom Presets 1 & 2 are set up via IP only.
  • Discrete IR code for each Preset.

User Menu - Display Brightness

  • When User Menu display times out, press any button
  • to bring it back with no Menu changes.

Code to enter Installer Setup Menu:

Left - Right - Left

User Menu

Enter Installer Menu


Installer Setup Menu - IP Address

  • IP
  • Set up your RackAmp remotely by computer when the amp is
  • in a different room from the listening room – like a rack room.
  • Connect amp and computer to a LAN (Local Area Network) or
  • connect them directly using a crossover Ethernet cable or adaptor.
  • Used to set up 2 Advanced Features: Room EQ (6 band manual
  • parametric equalizer) or Customize 2 Presets.
  • Not for control.
  • See IP Setup & Features Instructions doc & video on our
  • website: .

Installer Setup Menu – Boundary EQ

  • Boundary EQ compensates for frequency response errors
  • caused by subwoofer location in the room.
  • 3 settings: Midwall (default), Corner, or InRoom.
  • Set Boundary for sub location within 2 feet of Setting name.
  • Improves bass frequency response.

Installer Setup Menu

Sub LowPass Filter & Slope

  • Sub LowPass Filter range: LFE (bypass), 30Hz to 300Hz plus LFE.
  • LFE (default) bypasses filter – use for Home Theaters.
  • Balanced & LFE Inputs automatically bypass this filter.
  • Affects Speaker Output only (does not affect Line Outs).
  • Slope: 12, 24 (default), or 48 dB/octave

Installer Setup Menu

Sub High Pass Filter & Slope

  • Sets bass extension (f3) like a subsonic filter.
  • Range: 10 -100Hz & OFF (do not use).
  • 20Hz default.
  • Trade bass extension for higher sub output & headroom.
  • Use to cross-over tiered multi-subwoofer arrays in which
  • certain subs handle different parts of the bass spectrum.
  • Slope: 12, 24, or 48 (default) dB/octave.

Installer Setup Menu - Phase Adjustment

  • Phase range: 00 (default), -90. -180, or -270 degrees.

Installer Setup Menu – Input Gain Level

  • For permanent Volume Level adjustment.
  • -15dB to +15dB range.
  • Default 00dB.
  • Use to match levels of multiple subwoofers.
  • Use to match sub level with 2 channel Main speakers.

Installer Setup Menu

Line Out High Pass Filter & Slope

  • Cross over 2-channel Main speakers via Line Outs.
  • 30 – 300 Hz range plus Thru (default).
  • Slope: 12 (default), 24, or 48 dB/octave.

Installer Setup Menu - Delay

  • Route Delay to Subwoofer or to Line Outs.
  • Delay Speakers or Subs closer to the listener to match the farthest.
  • Delay Subs to time align multiple subs to work as one - or to time
  • align sub(s) nearer the listener with Main speakers farther away.
  • Delay Line Outs to time align 2-channel Main speakers that are
  • nearer the listener with sub(s) farther away.
  • Flattens frequency response.
  • Tightens bass, attack, & imaging.

Installer Setup Menu - Delay

  • To Time Align Multiple Subs:
  • Delay each sub nearer the main seat to match the farthest sub.
  • 00.00 mS to 50.0 mS delay range in .5mS increments.
  • 1 mS delay = 1 foot difference between listener & subs.

Installer Setup Menu - Delay

How To Time Align Multiple Subs - Example


Installer Setup Menu - Delay

15 ft

With ten (10) feet of difference between the listener and the two subs, route ten (10) mS delay to the closer left side sub to time align it with the farther front sub, the reference.


Installer Setup Menu – Power On Methods

  • 4 Power On/Off Methods
  • Auto Sense (default) with adjustable Sensitivity and Auto Off time.
  • 12V Trigger (5-20 volt sensitivity) via Phoenix connector.
  • IR discrete Power ON & OFF codes.
  • Manual (Front panel Standby button).
  • Press & hold front panel Standby button 4 seconds at any time to
  • force amp On or OFF and switch Power On Method to Manual.

Installer Setup Menu – Auto ON

  • Auto-Off Timer
  • # of minutes amp turns Off to
  • Standby after last signal above
  • Auto-On level.
  • Range: 5, 10, 20, & 60 minutes.
  • 20 minute default.
  • Auto-On Level
  • Powers ON when it receives a
  • signal above the selected value.
  • 1 to 20mV range (5mV default)
  • Lower level if amp does not
  • power ON.
  • Raise level if amp powers on
  • without signal.

Installer Setup Menu – Room EQ

  • Six-band parametric EQ for subwoofer tuning (20-300 Hz).
  • Affects Speaker Output only, not Line Outs.
  • Manual - Requires appropriate test equipment.
  • Adjust filter Gain, Frequency, and Q (bandwidth).
  • 12 dB cut or 3dB boost per band; 5 Hz resolution.
  • Stack bands for greater flexibility.
  • Setup via IP (only). See instruction document & video at

Installer Setup Menu – Current Model EQ

  • Pick your Triad Subwoofer Model.
  • Sets correct EQ & limiting for the Triad sub
  • model used.
  • Once Sub Model is changed, it returns you to
  • User Menu.

To save all Installer Setup changes, exit Setup Menu,

  • and return to User Menu at any time, press .

Installer Setup Menu

Save Changes & Exit Setup Menu


Returns amp to factory defaults.

  • Select YES on RESET ALL screen.
  • Press (ENTER).
  • On CONFIRM RESET screen select YES.
  • Press (ENTER).
  • Returns to User Menu with full factory defaults.
  • CAUTION: loses all settings and changes.

Installer Menus: Factory Reset