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www.pvisupport.org. The Campaign. EQUAL TREATMENT of all children necessitates EQUAL FUNDING EQUAL REPRESENTATION for all children EQUAL SUPPORT MECHANISMS for all children. .

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The Campaign

  • EQUAL TREATMENT of all children necessitates EQUAL FUNDING

  • EQUAL REPRESENTATION for all children

  • EQUAL SUPPORT MECHANISMS for all children. 

A4.2 Construct a formula composed of either a single base rate for all providers or a number of base rates differentiated by type of provider according to unavoidable cost differences. The formula must include a deprivation supplement for three- and four-year-olds, but is not required to do so for two-year-olds.

How many LAs follow this guidance?





Data from the Department of Education 2014


90% of Local Authorities treat their PVI providers better than BCC

In Birmingham

Birmingham is in the 10% most unfair Local Authorities


BCC settings are paid at rates up to £6.30 per hour to deliver funded places for 3 and 4 year olds.

All PVI settings in Birmingham are paid at £3.59 per hour for 3 & 4 year old

If we are paid the same for 2 year olds, why not the same for 3 and 4 year olds?

"How can PVI sector provide the same quality of experience for our children as the maintained sector, with only 57%of the funding per child that the maintained sector receives, plus higher costs?"

Half of the children in the city are funded better than the other half yet improvements to Early Years outcomes are sought for ALL children.

BCC wants to see an improvement in early years outcomes.

The single most effective way to deliver this is to implement a fairer funding model that is legally compliant with Statutory Guidance

PVI vs Maintained spread of provision



Data from Birmingham City Council

How this was reflected in the budget

Allocation of budget across nursery provider sectors



Data from the Department of Education 2014

What would happen if BCC shared the budget equally (as statutory guidance dictates)?



Data from Birmingham City Council

What does this mean?

  • Birmingham City Council current budget £18 million towards PVIs

  • What they should give to PVIs if they followed the Statutory Guidance

    £25 million

  • SHORTFALLof £7 million thatPVIs should receive


PVI Support Association are not seeking a reduction for maintained sector


an increasein funding for PVI nursery providers

What would this mean for PVI nursery providers? EXTRA funding

In either situation the Living Wage would NOT be an issue if fair funding isimplemented

The Early Years Forum…

  • 34 members

    - 4 represent PVI providers

    - 30 represent Non PVIs

    11% PVI representation


    51.4% PVI provision

  • PVI Support Association wishes to have access to all information related to Early Years matters (including statistics) that BCC hold.  

Fair Representation will lead to (for example)…

  • Equal treatment when in funding dispute with LA settings

  • Equal access to full time places as LA settings (parental choice)

Equal Support?

  • If a non PVI setting is judged ‘Inadequate’, BCC gives support

  • If PVI judged ‘Inadequate’, immediate withdrawal of funding

PVI Support Association can provide….

  • First Class Ofsted inspection preparation support

  • If PVI setting is ever judged ‘Inadequate’, PVI Support Association will provide immediate support with action plans that include not having withdrawal of funding

We believe there is some way to go before PVI Providers will be satisfied that the children under their care are being treated equally.

PVI Support will continue this campaign until the voices all children are heard.

PVI Support will continue to campaign until all children are offered this full range of support services.

78%of PVI rated ‘Good’ to ‘Outstanding’

Taking into account all providers in Birmingham City Council

69% overall rated ‘Good’ to ‘Outstanding’

Suggests substantial underperformance of maintained sector despite receiving double the funding of PVIs

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