5 ways to keep up your battery scooter s performance
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How to maintain your battery scooter’s performance

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How to maintain your battery scooter’s performance - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A few pointers you should keep in mind to maintain the range and overall good performance of your battery scooter.

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1 avoid overloading

Check the Pay Load Capacity of your scooter - The carrying capacity of a vehicle, normally measured in weight.

  • It includes the riders and whatever you are carrying along with you on that scooter.
  • This capacity changes from scooter to scooter. So check its Pay Load Capacity and make sure that it doesn’t exceed the limit.
1. Avoid overloading
2 don t often change its speed

While you are riding your electric two-wheeler, don’t suddenly change its speed.

  • You should not suddenly pick up its speed to maximum when it has just been started.
  • And vice versa, you should also avoid unnecessary and frequent braking unless it’s required in case of traffic jam.
2. Don’t often change its speed
3 start battery scooter gradually

YObykes come with a key start facility.

  • You just have to turn the key and it will start but you need to take care that you don’t start it at full acceleration.
  • A racing start may quickly drain its battery.
  • So avoid fast acceleration while initiating it.
3. Start battery scooter gradually
4 maintain proper pressure in tires

This is essential!

  • If you want your eBike to run well, you have to make sure that its tires have proper pressure.
  • If they are under-inflated, their rolling resistance will increase.
  • As a result, their energy might be wasted and you wouldn’t want this, would you?
4. Maintain proper pressure in tires
5 save its energy

Whenever it is not in use, keep a practice of turning it off.

  • Whenever you stop at traffic signals or road crossings or anywhere to attend a call, turn off your eBike.
  • This would prevent draining its battery charge, save the energy and enhance its overall performance.
5. Save its energy