How to improve battery life of your electric bike
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How to improve battery life of your electric bike PowerPoint PPT Presentation

If you want to enjoy an uninterrupted ride with your electric bike, then keep in mind these few tips and enhance its battery life.

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How to improve battery life of your electric bike

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How to improve battery lifeof your electric bike

For any battery scooter, battery is like a fuel tank and it needs to be refilled (recharged) regularly.

So if you ride a YObykes,

you need to know how to improve its battery life in order to always enjoy the smooth ride.

Before you ride it for the first time, charge it for 6-8 hours using the supplied charger. Before you plug the charger into a wall power socket, first remove the protective cover from the charging socket and then plug in the charger into the charging socket.

A complete charging generally requires around 6 to 8 hours.

An indicator light is provided on the charger body of our eBikes. When it’s in charging, it will turn red and when the battery is fully charged, it will turn green.

Our eBikes are powered by four 12V, 12Ah or 12V, 20Ah, 24Ah, 33Ah & 40Ah batteries wired in series to provide 48 volts. All batteries charge simultaneously.

  • Charge your battery scooter if it has not been used for 3-4 weeks or more

  • Always charge the battery in dry and ventilated place to clear the gases emitted from the batteries

  • Ensure that the power switch is OFF when you are charging your scooter

  • Battery should not be stored in discharged condition for any length of time

Tips to improve the battery life

  • Always use the charger provided by YObykes

  • Don’t expose the battery to heat, fire or water

  • Don’t try to dismantle the charger or the battery

  • Don’t expose the battery to extremely high or low temperatures

  • Stop charging if any burning smell or overheating is observed

Tips to improve the battery life

If you keep in mind these tips, you can definitely

improve the battery life of your eBike.

Thank you!

So book your firstYO ride now!

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