Battery scooters
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Battery Scooters - 5 Myths Debunked! PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Many of us have some myths about battery scooters. This piece of content would help you bust those myths and opt for these best electric bikes!

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Battery Scooters - 5 Myths Debunked!

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Presentation Transcript

Battery Scooters

5 Myths Debunked


Myth 1

A Battery Scooter is just like an ordinary Moped or any conventional two-wheeler!


It’s not like a conventional two-wheeler. It is totally different in all the manners. A conventional scooter runs by petrol, diesel or gas whereas an electric scooter is driven by an electric motor and rechargeable battery.

Myth 2

It makes too much noise!


As electric vehicles don’t have any complex mechanism such as an engine, a gear box, a controller, a clutch plate or a converter; they don’t produce noise. They go very smoothly and peacefully.

Myth 3

Battery scooters are heavy in weight!


Due to the absence of heavy components such as engine, tank or gear box, these automobiles are very light in weight. They only consist of a battery and a motor as major parts that make them almost three times lighter than the conventional ones.

Myth 4

They’re pretty much expensive!


Any normal fuel-driven vehicle would cost you too much for its pricey fuels. On the contrary, battery scooters need a regular battery recharging whose cost is minor, when compared with the fuel expenses.

Myth 5

They offer very less speed!


Those were old days when the eBike manufacturing companies used to manufacture less-speed automobiles. But today, the scenario is different. The companies have started to introduce the trendy and high-speed electrical two-wheelers.

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