The truth about vitamin infusions
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The Truth About Vitamin Infusions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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When you’re feeling rundown or ill, you need that extra something to perk you back up\n\n

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The truth about vitamin infusions

The Truth About Vitamin Infusions

What are vitamin infusions
What are Vitamin Infusions? fad, with Rihanna, Rita

  • Vitamin infusions are basically an iv vitamin therapy; based on what your need is, a combination of vitamins is added to a solution bearing the same salt concentration as your blood and then injected through your vein directly into your bloodstream

Who is taking a vitamin infusion
Who is taking a Vitamin Infusion? fad, with Rihanna, Rita

  • Vitamin infusion therapy is being advocated as benefitting those suffering from illnesses like cancer, Parkinson’s, etc

Vitamin infusions in dubai
Vitamin Infusions in Dubai fad, with Rihanna, Rita

  • Aptly named “The Elixir Clinic”, this is where residents of and visitors to Dubai can treat themselves to a vitamin infusion of their choice

Adrenal vitadrip
Adrenal fad, with Rihanna, Rita VitaDrip

  • A favourite at Elixir, the Adrenal VitaDrip is an infusion of amino acids and nutrients that combat typical irritants like water retention and thyroid dysfunction stemming from adrenal fatigue

Antioxidant vitadrip
Antioxidant fad, with Rihanna, Rita VitaDrip

  • The Antioxidant VitaDrip is designed to detox your body and prevent the resulting ageing and degenerative diseases

Anti ageing vitadrip
Anti-Ageing fad, with Rihanna, Rita VitaDrip

  • The Anti-Ageing VitaDrip is a concoction of hydrating and rejuvenating nutrients that fights signs of ageing and gives you radiant, youthful skin

Vip elixir vitadrip
VIP Elixir fad, with Rihanna, Rita VitaDrip

  • The ultimate Elixir VitaDrip, the VIP VitaDrip is a blend of the Antioxidant and Anti-Ageing VitaDrips, customized to your requirements

Diet and detox vitadrip
Diet and Detox fad, with Rihanna, Rita VitaDrip

  • To detox and lose weight simultaneously, the Diet & Detox VitaDrip is the way to go.