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Vietnam Ensures Safety for International Tourists

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Vietnam Ensures Safety for International Tourists - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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With the booming international tourism industry, Vietnam ensures the protection of the international tourists in general and in terms of emergency as a top priority of all issues about the tourism.

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Vietnam Ensures Safety for International


With the booming international tourism industry,

Vietnam ensures the protection of the international

tourists in general and in terms of emergency as a

top priority of all issues about the tourism. Several

increasing life threatening emergencies in cross

border travelling activities had been look after by

tourism agencies with great concern and attention.

In case of most of the legislators in the past few

years have not been attracted towards the


protection of the international tourists in

emergency. Therefore it is found that the protection

of the international tourists in emergency has been

covered as by both the domestic and international


The Hai Pong Department of culture, sports and

tourism has set up several interdisciplinary setups

and inspection system to check the transportation

and rescue activities at beaches ensuring

environmental hygienic conditions. Hai Pong have

become attractive, friendly, civilized and safe

destination for tourists

In Da Nang City the department of sports, culture

and tourism has asked tourism associated hotel,

tourist guides and travel agencies to promote

management activities to guarantee safety and

security for the visitors.

Vietnam also ensures the security and safety of

foreign tourists visiting country, the deputy culture,

sports and tourism of Ho Aan Tuan has confirmed.

On June 2nd the northern province of Quang Ninh,

the deputy minister has reported that Chinese


tourists have resumed tours through the borders

and they offers even protection over there too.

According to the Vice Chairman or higher authority

of the general people Provincial committee on 1st of

June, Chinese tourists travelled through Mong Cai

international border gate in the tours of province

and other localities which was primarily organized

by the Chinese travel companies.

In 2013 it has been observed that Vietnam had

catered help to millions of people including 2.6

million international tourists and guests. During

the first 5 years Quang Ninh greeted 1.2 million

foreign visitors among which maximum strength

covers the Chinese and Taiwanese tourist’s up to 38

per cent.

Due to the East Sea tensions which has triggered

the sharp decrease of tourists from China, Hong

Kong, and Taiwan which is imparting badly to the

tourism society.

Ha Quang Long, the director of the provincial

culture, sports and tourism department said that

the province will explore and search the nearby


market potentials to attract more tourists and

attract from further afield like Russia, Europe and

North America. It will further give due attention to

the local market especially during the summer


The Vietnam Administration of tourism has asked

the tourism management agencies of the central

and localities as well to monitor the hygienic

condition of the restaurants served.

Proper monitoring of the sea food or the sea fish

served to the restaurants should be properly

checked and served.

According to the Deputy minister of Natural

resources and Environment based on the reports

from the ministers, localities and scientists that

may be caused by the harmful toxic chemicals

discharged by humans on land and sea. This is may

even cause a red tide due to the red algae or

harmful algae bloom. This has a harmful effect on

the sea food as well as the sea fish.

The deputy minister of natural resources and the

higher authorities have really taken huge measures


for the protection and the safeguard of the

international tourists and did the extreme most

services to serve them and satisfy them well. They

kept keen on catering the needs and safety

precautions of the international tourists so that

they feel safe to enjoy their tour and travel.For

more info visit: