Infinx Prior Authorization, Insurance Verification & Patient Pay Estimation Solution
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Infinx Prior Authorization, Insurance Verification & Patient Pay Estimation Solution\n

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Infinx Prior Authorization, Insurance Verification & Patient Pay Estimation Solution

Infinx Healthcare

Infinx Overview Pay Estimation Solution

  • Technology driven HealthcareRevenue Cycle Management Solutions

  • 2000 employees across specialized teams

  • Healthcare domain expertise across multiple specialties and provider groups

  • 3 delivery centers in India – Mumbai, Navi Mumbai & Hyderabad

  • 100+ software engineers with broad technology, application and project exposure

Our RCM Offerings Pay Estimation Solution

Introducing Infinx Pre-Auth & Insurance Verification Solution

Prior-Authorization + Insurance Verification + Patient Pay Estimation



Workflow Platform



Our Pre-Auth Solution Solution

ride – Pre-Auth

Workflow Management

  • Knowledgeable and experienced resources

  • Well-Trained to handle complex cases/scenarios

  • Experience dealing with multiple payors & benefit managers

  • Ability to handle payor queries efficiently for faster approvals

  • Ability to deal with limited clinical documentation and information

  • Single screen secure web-based portal

  • Smart queue management

  • Intelligent business rules for prioritization & Insurance Verification

  • Tracks requests with Status

  • Upto 99% approval rates

  • TAT of 4hours for STAT requests

  • Upto 99% Accuracy rate

iBridge Solution

A 3-IN-ONE Workflow Platform that manages

Automated Insurance Verification

Automates the verification process & enables faster approvals in minutes

Automated Patient Pay Estimation

Estimates patient responsibility at the point of service (calculates co-pays, deductibles & out of pocket)


Handles end-to-end prior-authorizations and tracks status instantly

Our Experience & Success in Pre-Auth Solution

  • Experience in 15+ specialties with over 20 customers using our prior-authorization service

  • Knowledge & Experience dealing with 700+ payors/benefit managers

  • Team of 100+ resources trained & experienced in insurance verification & prior-authorizations

  • Successfully processing 1500 prior-authorizations everyday

  • Delivering 99% approval & accuracy rate on prior-auth requests

  • Meeting average TAT of 24hours with STAT requests processed within 20mins

  • Success implementing iBridge on client platforms through HL7 Interoperability

Benefit to your Practice using Infinx Solution

  • Reduce appointment rescheduling/cancellations due to delay in getting pre-auths done on time by doctors which may result in loss of revenue for radiology practice.

  • Infinx ability to deliver faster pre-auth approvals through iBridge will help your radiology practice schedule more appointments leading to more revenue/cashflow.

  • Tracking pre-auth requests & status instantly through iBridge will help radiology center plan their appointments efficiently.

  • Automated Patient Pay Estimation solution through iBridge will help radiology practice to calculate, educate, and clarify patient financial responsibility at the point of service thus reducing payment delays/defaults.

  • Patient Pay Estimation functionality will also enable providers to predict patient payment revenues and cash flow roadmap.

Benefits our clients get using our Pre-Auth & Insurance Verification Solution

Improved Process Efficiency & Profitability

Fewer Escalations & Faster Approvals

Increased Performance

for Radiology Centre

Improved Approval Rates for Prior Authorizations

Thank You Verification Solution

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