Hi, we are sure you all love Dexter
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Looking for transcription services? 14 factors to consider before choosing ... PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Choosing transcription company that’s best for you can make all the difference. Here’s a thorough guide to help you find such transcription service providers.

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looking for transcription services? 14 factors to consider b...

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Presentation Transcript

Hi, we are sure you all love Dexter

But, why is he angry???

Find out why??

Dexter had a set of recordings to be transcribed

He decided to outsource it to a transcription company

But then what happened…….

Dexter Googled “Transcription company” and chose the

cheapest transcription company

But then Dexter had a lot of specifications.

Dexter: Hi, can any one help me

Transcription Company : Yes, Dexter how can we help you

Dexter: I need my Transcripts in PPT and PDF formats.

Transcription Company : Ohh….Sorry sir, we provide transcripts only in

MS Word. You need to contact a third party to do it.

Dexter: Can I have my transcript by tomorrow?

Transcription Company: Oops! It’s not possible sir.

Transcription Company : We need minimum 48 hrs time

I have made a wrong choice

Finally…. Dexter got his transcript back

But, his sob story is not over yet…

Dexter:Can I pay online

Transcription company : Sorry sir. Can u give us a cheque

That’s the reason Dexter was angry

Then came his bestie with a checklist to help him out…

As this check list assisted Dexter

in choosing the best transcription company

Hope It gives a clear sight in choosing the transcription company

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