Hong kong tourist sim card your number one companion in hong kong
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Hong Kong Tourist SIM Card - Your Number one Companion in Hong Kong PowerPoint PPT Presentation

In Hong Kong If you intend to get connected to a mobile network after landing, visit any nearest shop to get a Hong Kong Tourist SIM Card.

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Hong Kong Tourist SIM Card - Your Number one Companion in Ho...

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Hong Kong Tourist SIM Card - Your Number one Companion in Hong Kong

A Tourist visiting Hong Kong should know that mobile networks operate independently and are different from the main land China. If you intend to get connected to a mobile network after landing, visit any nearest shop to get a SIM card. This shop also sells the famous Hong Kong Tourist Sim Card. Top up card vouchers are readily available on any shop around town. This is a plug and play data SIM with no subscription charges and setup challenges. You don’t need to register your gadget or personal details as in common in other countries.

Before you buy this SIM card make sure your phone is not network locked to your home country's network. The Hong Kong Sim Card can be bought either as a micro or a nano size chip. This Hong Kong data simgives you a new phone number which you can use while on a visit here.

The prepaid version of the SIM card is distributed within Hong Kong and has two packages:

A 5 Day Pass

With voice calls as cheap as $0.1 a minute and browsing at the rate of $30 for 10 days. Data speed provided by this package is enough to support social Apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, E-mails, and WeChat. Long distance calls will cost you $0.18 every minute.

An 8 Day PassThis package will give you unlimited Wi-Fi access at a full speed of 4G. If you need unlimited Wi-Fi on this package for 5 days you will top up $48 and get data worth 1.5 GB.

Regardless of the package that you opt for, you will enjoy unlimited local calls rate and cheap international call and SMS rates.

A relatively inexpensive data sim will work in mainland China, Macau, and Taiwan. Provided you use your data sparingly.

TheHong Kong Data SIM card comes with the following packages.

Cross Border King

The Hong Kong tourist sim card is enabled to have both Hong Kong's and China country codes.Voice calls going for as low as $0.45 per minute with a corresponding data package of $35 for 100MB per month or $78 for 500MB for seven days. This is god for WhatsApp, E-mails and browsing activities. While in Macau or Taiwan, data charges are up to $68 a day.

The Hong Kong Roaming SIM

This service is not cheap. Data and Voice call charges will vary depending on where you are. The only advantage you have in using this card is that you will not have to worry about unrealistic call charges.

Hong Kong Data SIM

The card is pre-loaded with a 500MB data for 5 or more days. This is the appropriate sim card if you are moving between china, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia.

The SIM cards are ideal for a short stay visitor. They lack some of the advanced features that your SIM card probably supports. You can connect to more than 15,000 Wi-Fi hotspots zones within the city. 

The idea of low local call rates is unrealistic because most tourists tend to make international calls to get in touch with relatives and friends back home.

The Wi-Fi hotspots are not as strong as such. They are slow and have a small coverage area. Upon the expiry of the card the Hong Kong number ceases to exist.

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