Guide to arriving in hong kong international airport
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Guide to Arriving in Hong Kong International Airport PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Hong Kong has received over 41,700,000 visitors and Every visitor who lands at Hong Kong International Airport wishes to captures and surf the best attractions.So,Hong Kong Sim Card is the best solution to this problem.

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Guide to Arriving in Hong Kong International Airport

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Guide to Arriving in Hong Kong International Airport

A recent study revealed that in 2016, Hong Kong has received over 41,700,000 visitors and this number is likely to increase before the end of the year. Surprised? Further, another research revealed that Google reported that 80% of smartphone users travel with their devices. This implies that all the visitors to Hong Kong use mobile device!

Every Hong Kong visitor who lands at Hong Kong International Airport wishes to have an easy way of navigating the city streets, spot the best attractions, surf the internet efficiently, and more. They desire to communicate online with their loved ones and exchange photographs and videos with their relatives back at home. However, to most tourists, the primary challenge is getting a sim card that can help them do all these things at affordable cost.

  • Fortunately, the Hong Kong Sim Card has become an effective solution to this problem. Once you touch base on Hong Kong, your Hong Kong Tourist Sim Card allows you to update your Facebook status, share your experiences on Twitter, and any other social media platform that you use.

The Hong Kong data sim comes in two prepaid charges: the 5-day pass and the 8-day pass. Depending on how often you surf the internet, your call expenses, and other factors, you can choose a package that suits you best.

If uploading photos and videos on Instagram is your thing, then, you need a fast internet speed. The good news is that the sim card offers a 4G internet speed which is ideal for any online action. After all, we both know that is as disgusting as a slow internet speed.

The Hong Kong data sim has extended data coverage to Mainland China and Taiwan. Therefore, you can subscribe for roaming data services available in Taiwan, Macau, and Mainland China. However, if you land in Thailand, you will need the Sim Card Thailand for tourists. One of the things I love about Hong Kong tourist sim card is that it is rechargeable and this means that you can keep the same number for 180 days. This will make it convenient for you to stay longer.

  • Your Hong Kong tourist sim card will also enable you to log on at over 15,000 Wi-Fi hotspots available in the city and enjoy the fast internet connection. These hotspots are found at major tourist spots, the airport, and all MTR stations for starters, shopping centers, government offices, libraries, and more.

The Hong Kong Data Sim offers unlimited local voice calls. Therefore, you can easily keep in touch with your loved ones in town, call the tax driver, and book restaurants – for free! Remember that this is a prepaid sim card service and you will not incur additional subscription charges. You just need to plug in the sim card toy your phone and start enjoying the service.

Once you arrive at Hong Kong International Airport, get the Hong Kong tourist sim card first. It is compatible with phones that require micro, mini, and nanosim cards.

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