Why i m glad to live in america
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Why I’m Glad to Live in America. by Cheyenne. Hello, my name is Cheyenne and I am going to tell you why I am sooooo glad to live in American and this is why….

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  • I like America’s food because we can eat whatever we want, most of the time. But in Japan they eat rice twice everyday. I would get sick and I’m not playing! They also eat seaweed on their pizza. Australia eats grubs. If we ate grubs in America, we would have a contest to see who could throw up the most every night!! “YUCK!”

  • I’m glad to go to school in America because we only have to go to school five days a week and get two days off. “Yippee!” In China they have to go to school six days a week and get one day off….”Zzzzzzz!” I would probably fail because I wouldn’t get enough sleep. “Yikes!” In Japan they have to go to school 240 days. We probably go about 180. I’m so glad! In Australia, they have to take a test to see if they go back in school or if they pass they have to start a job. “Wow!”

  • I’m glad I live in America because I can have ANY kind of friend I want, even if their color is different. If you lived in China, you probably would not be living if you were the second child born. If you had more than one child, they would take the second child away. I would be so lonely! “Mommy, I want someone to play with, please.” That is what I would be saying.

  • So, there you have it. This is why I’m soooo glad to live in America, especially about the grubs. “Ooh!” I’m also especially glad because I can have ANY kind of friend I want, no matter what! I’m also glad because I get two months off of school for summer and that way I’m NOT tired during school.