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What does the ETC offer?. 10 computers

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Educational Technology Center ETC

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1. Educational Technology Center (ETC) Computer Lab and Testing Center Room 520 Reid Center

2. What does the ETC offer? 10 computers & 2 printers for general use for students, faculty, and staff Internet surfing & researching Typing papers Using MS Word, Excel, or Power Point Course- or Program-specific software such as NCLEX and Respiratory simulations

3. What else does the ETC offer? Proctored electronic testing for students in courses that require it A place for students of certain Distance Learning courses to turn in assignments Some technical assistance Typically a relatively quiet environment

4. Common Misconception The ETC staff cannot assist with questions relating to IQ Web, E-mail, or Blackboard For assistance with these three areas: Visit the Distance Learning & Instructional Technology department (DL&IT) in room 508 E-mail [email protected] Call 540-985-4046 (DL&IT helpline) Staff Members assisting with these areas include: Bridget Moore, Nanette Deberry, Mark Raby, & Jennifer Becker

5. Policies, Please Maintain the quiet atmosphere while using the ETC Do not use tobacco products in the ETC No food or drink at the computers; you may leave food or drink on the table next to the lab door Turn cell phones OFF or on Silent; take phone calls outside the lab

6. Policies continued While Testing is in Progress No cell phone calls No talking No printing Keep the ETC door closed Respect those who are testing Do not enter the ETC for general computer use if the CLOSED for Testing sign is up outside the lab door

7. Types of Tests Proctored in the ETC Blackboard Tests (for certain classes or programs) ATI Tests (for certain classes or programs) ATI stands for Assessment Technologies Institute, LLC * Note: Your instructor or program director will notify you either via e-mail or instructions within your Blackboard course, or both, if you need to come to the ETC for proctored electronic testing.

8. The Testing Process, Part 1 Instructor or program director notifies student that he/she needs to take a proctored electronic test in the ETC Instructor gives a deadline by which the student needs to take a test, and instructs whether or not the student needs to make an appointment at the ETC Student makes an appointment, if required, and comes in to take the test during the testing period and during the ETC testing hours

9. The Testing Process, Part 2 Student checks in and shows ID to ETC staff member Student signs in and leaves all belongings in the ETC office Student follows the ETC staff members instructions to open and start the test Student takes the test Student signs out, fills out a Comment Card, and collects his/her belongings when finished

10. Testing Hours Posted in 4 Locations If you want to know the current semesters testing hours, you may check one of the 4 key locations: ETC Office Door ETC Bulletin Board On Student Central under the ETC button Within your instructors Blackboard course if he/she has required you to take proctored electronic tests in the ETC

11. Other Items to Note Computers are provided at a first-come, first-serve basis for general use Computers are provided at a first-come, first-serve basis for testing without prior appointment Computers are provided first for testing appointments, second for testing without appointments, and lastly for general computer use The ETC is under video surveillance

12. Location and Hours Location: Reid room 520 Computer Lab Hours: 24/7 Regular Office Hours: Monday Thursday 8 a.m. 5 p.m. Friday 8 a.m. 4:30 p.m. Testing Hours: change every semester * * Check one of the four best locations for the current semesters testing hours

13. Questions?? CONTACT: Letisha Houston Educational Technology Assistant Phone: (540) 224-4895 E-mail: [email protected]

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