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Construction Logistics Safety

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1. Construction Logistics & Safety

2. Construction & Safety It’s never too early to start thinking about construction logistics and site safety…especially since we have to define much of the process for the EIS. Initial thoughts/questions to focus on: Site Development, Excavation Equipment Delivery to Island, Site Site Logistics, Equipment Storage on Site General Construction Restrictions, Misc. Fire, Personnel Safety

3. Site Development, Excavation Besides EIS, CDUP, what permits, permissions required before construction begins e.g. State DEQ permits for sewage treatment system? Others (List from AF and ATST EA documents) Excavated soil (2000-5000 cubic yards!) Where to place/re-locate? Extent of direction/correction by Cultural Monitor? Fugitive Dust Control Availability of water Any special site-related issues on this requirement Methods Allowed Hydraulic hammer to break up big rocks Vibratory compaction Alternate compaction method (surcharge with soil or other weight) Consider early work packages for leveling & utilities?

7. Equipment Delivery Large Equipment Delivery to Maui Port of entry? Crane capacities? Storage areas near port? Stevedore, other unions? Sea-level and/or mid-mountain storage facilities Gemini required ~2 acres for TMA alone! Road conditions from port to sea-level/mid-mountain storage areas and summit Size restrictions (width, height, weight) E.g., bridges, overhead lines Park ranger shack @ summit Time of day restrictions of travel Light pollution from trucks early in morning, after sunset Bicyclists, tourists to summit Speed limits on site?

9. Deliveries, cont… Special requirements for boxes of equipment, crates, equipment delivered to summit? Steam cleaning trucks, crates, etc prior to entrance to park? List of restricted items? Crate disposal, waste? Other?

10. Site Logistics & Storage on Site On-site storage of equipment? Lay-down and staging areas? Space for crane(s)? Off-limits areas on summit? Truck turnaround areas? Construction trailer areas? Waiting areas for concrete trucks, etc?

11. General Construction Restrictions Any kind of construction lights okay? Radio usage okay on summit? Restricted frequencies? Noise restrictions? Crane restrictions (e.g., lowered at night)? Air Force/security concerns, restrictions? Other facilities traffic by/through our site?

12. Culturally Related Restrictions Morning work prayers required? Groundbreaking ceremony When? (we already did geo-tech borings) Cultural monitor at site at all times? Cultural sensitivity training required of everyone? Workers, contractors, vendors, deliverers? Others that we should be aware of?

13. Fire, Personnel Safety on Site Health checks for workers (e.g., high altitude)? Safety officer on site? What safety gear, equipment available on site? “Crash” truck? EMT supplies? Safety plan? Hazard logs at builders/vendors? Emergency responders…National Park next door? Full response … Kula area? Where is nearest hospital? Air Force…facility has sprinklers? Air Force response capacity? Hot work permit program during construction? How to enforce, etc.. Local alarms? Etc….

14. Building Life Safety This will be largely per ATST and UH/IfA policy not enforced by any jurisdiction No local building department or zoning authority will review or inspect Codes to be used for building design: International Building Code Local fire district requirements Department of Health requirements OSHA ADA Accessibility standards May have to invest in some outside inspection/safety professional for oversight during design & construction. Liability and Insurance implications

15. Building & Dome Design - Timing Dome will likely be Design-Build Coordination with the building design will be tricky Construction delivery method for Support Buildings A.F. coating facility will be design-build contract. They feel it allows the contractor more creativity in dealing with the special site difficulties. How soon to begin A/E contract It has already been inconvenient not to have the availability of structural, civil & electrical engineers Get basic foundation design done soon by a separate A/E? especially for pier & enclosure How important or advantageous to have building design services by a Hawaiian A/E? Better sensitivities regarding local culture and sense about the local construction industry Better availability during construction Better PR for EIS process

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