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Pre Moving Checklist for Planning Relocation Rightly!! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Shifting from one location to another can be quite a task but with the proper professional help; it can be accomplished with ease. For trouble free relocation maintaining a checklist is absolutely necessary. For more -

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Pre Moving Checklist for

Planning Relocation Rightly

Shifting from one location to another can be

quite a task but with the proper

professional help; it can be accomplished

with ease. For trouble free relocation

maintaining a checklist is absolutely

necessary. While choosing the Packers and

Movers in Kolkata, make sure they take

note of the items to be transported, so that

they can select the right truck for

transporting the goods and perform the

loading and unloading services

Clients can even request for a dedicated truck for the transportation of goods to prevent the

mix up of the consignments.


Pre-moving Checklist for an Organized Relocation:

In order to avoid chaos and remain organized it is a good idea to maintain a checklist.

Enumerated below are certain suggestions for a hassle free relocation.

#1. Informing the Following of Address Change:

The Post Office for redirection of the mail

Close accounts and transfer the money from the banks.

Inform your relatives, regular correspondents and friends

Inform your doctors and dentists and obtain the copies of health records.

#2. Discontinuing Certain Services:

Before the process of relocation, inform the internet television, cable or satellite service

provider and discontinue the services hired from them.

Inform the newspaper delivery man and the publication before the process.

Inform the internet service provider of the relocation and discontinue their service.

#3. Important Activities to Perform Before the Relocation Process:

It is very important to defrost the freezer or refrigerator and drain water from the water


Drain water and disconnect the washing machine before the relocation process.

Check up with the manufacturer to ensure that all the appliances are prepared

accurately before relocation.

Make sure first that the gas cylinders would be shipped to the new address and then

empty them.

Discard unnecessary items before the relocation process.

Return the library books and videos before relocating to the new destination.

Remove all the fittings and the fixtures from the walls.

Keep all the important documents like the air tickets and the passports in the personal

luggage to avoid packing them accidentally.

Arrange for baby sitter to look after children on the final day of packing and moving.

#4.Keeping in Mind the Goods That Cannot Be Transported:

There are certain items which are dangerous for transportation and storage and should not be

transported such as bleach products, linseed oil, kerosene, cleaning fluids, aerosols, gasoline,

chemical sets, vegetable oils etc.

#5.Avoid Doing the Following Before Relocation:

Avoid putting fragile items in drawers.

Don’t store the perishable items like flour, cereals and so on.

Don’t polish furniture before moving as the polished surfaces aid furniture to

condensate when packed.

#6. Final Checking:

Dispose dangerous flammables and hazardous material.

Check to see whether the main power, gas connection and water heaters are turned of

or not.

Lock the doors and the windows.

By preparing a pre moving checklist, the process of relocation becomes organized and efective. If you

are moving from Kolkata to another city, hire professional services of dependable packers and movers in

Kolkata from the online directory of for a trouble free, cost-efective smooth

relocation. These professional relocation service providers ofer a host of services that include smooth

loading and unloading services , pet relocation,

automobile transportation, potted plant relocation and so on.