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19 ways to Improve Call Center Productivity & Functionality using Virtual Call Center Software - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A virtual call center (VCC) is a solution that ropes call center agents in diverse geographical locations. It makes proper use of scattered workforces by matching the suitable agent with the client depending on the reason for the interaction and the dialogue.

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Presentation Transcript

Introduction & Functionality

  • A virtual call center (VCC) is a solution that ropes call center agents in diverse geographical locations.

  • It makes proper use of scattered workforces by matching the suitable agent with the client depending on the reason for the interaction and the dialogue.

  • A VCC abolishes the need to build, run and manage in-house call center equipment.

  • Cloud-based virtual contact center allows your business to deliver reliable and personalized incidents at every touch point on any channel.

Ways to Improve Productivity & Functionality

  • Very Reliable & Secured

  • Adaptability

  • Highly Active in Emergencies

  • User Friendly Interface

  • Integrates Social Media

  • Omni Channel Customer Care

  • Analyze Agent Performance Easily

  • Pocket Friendly

  • Different Types Available

  • Appoint Remote Agents

  • Secured Data

  • Timely Updates

  • No Infrastructure/ Overhead Cost

  • Customizable

  • Modern Virtual Call Center

  • Improved Productivity

  • No Geographical Barrier

  • Timely Answers

  • Add New Agents On-the-Go

Appoint Remote Agents & Functionality

  • Virtual call center software solutions make way for remote call center agents.

  • Remote agents would refer to agents who can work from home.

  • Remote agents are now becoming gradually more popular in call centers due to the number of benefits they offer.

Security of Data

  • In virtual call center management software, the data is saved in the system.

  • The recovery of lost data is the area of expertise of the virtual call center software.

  • Disaster management hence becomes tremendously easy and accessible for your call center as well.

Timely Software Updates & Functionality

  • Virtual call center software comes with speedy updates.

  • Whenever there is a new update available you will be notified immediately.

  • As and when is suitable for you, you can upgrade your software for a better and superior functioning.

No Infrastructure/Overhead Costs

  • With virtual contact center software, your infrastructure costs and your overhead costs are reduced to a great extent.

  • You wouldn’t have to spend much on the software, the installation or even the upgrading.

Customizable & Functionality

  • Virtual customer care software essentially allows you to provide customized solutions for your clients.

  • The kind of software you use should go with the kind of business you are running.

  • Besides, the software should be flexible enough to change according to the varying needs of your business.

Modern Virtual Call Center

  • Virtual call centers require that you build the software from the very roots.

  • That makes your infrastructure stronger to a great extent.

  • You get better equipped to deal with emergencies in the future.

Improved Productivity & Functionality

  • The usage of virtual contact center software will help in improving employee productivity.

  • It also automatically enhances the overall competence of the call center.

  • You can easily be able to switch between the outbound and inbound calls at your call center.

  • You would also be able to satisfy your customers better.

No Geographical Barrier & Functionality

  • Geographical locations were quite the nuisance in the past – agents had to travel miles to just reach the office. 

  • Now, they can do so from wherever they like.

  • This automatically improves the efficiency levels as well.

Timely Answers

  • Virtual Call Center Software helps to transfer call to the correct agents, work on solutions and deliver answers in a timely and efficient manner.

  • Research and statistics have revealed that customer satisfaction rates are higher when it comes to virtual contact center solutions than your traditional customer care.

Adaptability & Functionality

  • Adaptability is a major plus of using the virtual call center software.

  • Each business is unique in its own way.

  • Notably, your needs and requirements are bound to change with each passing day.

  • Thus, you require a kind of software application that adapts with you. 

User Friendly Interface

  • The virtual customer care software is not only extremely user friendly but also comes with easy training programs.

  • Your agents could take part in, learn the ropes and study it thoroughly.

  • It shouldn’t take them too much time to understand how the software works and how to make the most out of it.

Highly Active in Emergencies & Functionality

  • Emergencies are pretty common when you are thinking of customer care.

  • Here is a list of some common emergencies that you may face at your call center – your system may crash or be out of service for a whole day. You could lose your data. Your services could be down due to some unforeseen circumstances.

  • Virtual Call Center software prepares you for any kind of emergency.

  • It equips you to deal with them better and more efficiently.

Integrates Social Media & Functionality

  • It is projected, that in the next few years, telecommunication will fully be replaced by social media or by web chat.

  • Customers would rather talk to the customer care agents online or chat with them than actually call them up.  

  • In the latest or modern versions of these software, you will be able to use web chat to communicate with your customers easily.

Omni-Channel Customer Care

  • Omni channel customer care is the latest trend right now.

  • Today, you have social media/platforms, you have email, you have web or live chat and you have SMS.

  • The best part about virtual customer care is that you get to provide an all round service, including all the myriad channels without it getting messed up or problematic.

Analyze Agent Performance Easily & Functionality

  • Virtual customer care software allows you to analyze your agents’ performance with ease.

  • Be it remote agents or your traditional agents, you need to know if they are working efficiently.

  • It basically allows you to keep a tab on the overall performance of your agents and figure out where they’re going wrong.

Pocket Friendly Software

  • The software technology doesn’t cost as much as you think it would.

  • It hardly costs more than your regular traditional software.

  • You will not only get the best possible software technology but will get a horde of benefits along with it!

Different Types Available in Market & Functionality

  • You will find different kinds of virtual contact center software in the market!

  • How do you know which one is right for you?

  • What does your business need?

  • Are you getting the right software at the best prices?

  • If you have certain doubts in your mind, do not hesitate to indulge in a bit of call center software comparison.

  • It always helps you make the right choice.

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