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TappedIn DC is about helping people connect to the right people…

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and in


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Degreesof Separation








The desired


“posits that a person is a step away from people they know and two steps distant from

people known by the people they know--thus the magic number six.” –Dan Farber

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When you attend a social or business event…

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Did you make TRUE connections with people who CARE about you and your goals?


Did you feel fake?

Now what l.jpg

“Now What”

With your business cards l.jpg

with your business cards?

What are you goingto do

Who else could i have met l.jpg

Who else could I have met?

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without a cause,

leads you …

Most people connect based on their how and what l.jpg

Most people connect based on their HOW and WHAT…

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Don’t know WHO to connect with?

Not making the RIGHT connections?

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“What is yourWHY (Purpose)for connecting to the people you meet”

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“Why should people want to connect with you?”

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Y based, personal brand (elevator pitch) or commercial yields the powerful & strong

connections you need (image: string vs. Chains)

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TappedIn DC is a nurturing & caring organization that wants to help you connect.

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TappedIn DC


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Recognizing the currency of meaningful relationships

Sign up for our Events to meet powerfully connected people

We have training available to help you make strong connections

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