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There are over 200 designated Interior Design majors, representing a wide range ... The active and profitable interior design marketplace in Jacksonville draws ...

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Welcome to fccj kent campus jacksonville s home for interior design education l.jpg

Welcome to FCCJ Kent Campus—Jacksonville’s Home for Interior Design Education

What do you like about interior design l.jpg

What do you like about interior design?

How do interior designers change spaces l.jpg

How do Interior Designers change spaces?

About the interior design technology program at fccj l.jpg

About the Interior Design Technology program at FCCJ

  • There are over 200 designated Interior Design majors, representing a wide range of nationalities, ages, and backgrounds.

  • Interior Design Technology Associate in Science and Associate in Applied Science degrees prepare students to enter the workforce upon graduation.

  • The active and profitable interior design marketplace in Jacksonville draws heavily upon Kent Campus graduates for its workforce.

Curriculum overview l.jpg

Curriculum Overview

  • Elements and principles of design

  • Programming and space planning

  • Technical knowledge and skills

  • Selection & specification of materials, furniture, fixtures, & equipment

  • Electronic, visual communication

  • Design history

  • Business principles and practices

  • Health, safety and welfare codes

Instructional activities l.jpg

Instructional Activities

  • Lectures

  • Lab Activities

  • Projects and Presentation Boards

  • Electronic Drafting

  • Internships (require 255 supervised hours).

  • Field Trips

  • Guest Speakers

Slide8 l.jpg

Perspective drawings communicate a designer’s vision for a space.

Slide9 l.jpg

Perspective class – one-point perspective pencil rendering project.

3 d model furniture projects l.jpg

3-D Model Furniture Projects

Working in the sample lab l.jpg

Working in the sample lab

Presentation of project l.jpg

Presentation of Project

Showhouse 2006 student team l.jpg

Showhouse 2006 Student Team

About the interior design profession l.jpg

About the Interior Design Profession

  • The profession involves multi-faceted, creative and technical abilities to produce an interior space that fulfills any projects’ goals.

  • Interior Designers make commercial, residential, social and work areas more attractive, functional, and safe.

  • A successful Interior Designer must have imagination, creativity, determination and an eye for detail, as well as a sense of balance and proportion, and an ability to think in three dimension—all skills developed through the program at FCCJ—Kent Campus.

Professional opportunities in interior design l.jpg

Professional Opportunities in Interior Design

  • Interior Designers may work in design firms, architectural firms, commercial furniture, retail stores or as independent designers.

  • Other jobs opportunities include: interior decorating, space planning, CAD operators, display, retail branding, and project management, among many others.

  • National Statistics show that 50% of

    Interior Designers earn between

    $27,000 and $31,000

  • The top 10% earn more than $35,000

Professional organizations in jacksonville l.jpg

Professional Organizations in Jacksonville

  • ASID American Society of Interior Designers

  • IIDA International Interior Design Association

  • Both of these professional organizations allow FCCJ interior design students to participate in their activities, providing first-hand information on local interior design activity and local professional contacts.

Settings designed for professional success l.jpg

Settings Designed for Professional Success

State-of-the-art facilities, including this smart classroom, are dedicated to the interior design program and provide students an extraordinary opportunity to be on the cutting-edge of design technology.

The benefits of enrolling in interior design at fccj an overview l.jpg

The Benefits of Enrolling in Interior Design at FCCJ:An Overview

  • Quality Faculty

  • State-of-the-Art Technology

  • Small Class Size

  • Convenient Location

  • Economical Tuition

Getting started at fccj kent campus l.jpg

Getting Started at FCCJ—Kent Campus

  • Application

  • Financial Aid

  • Scholarship

  • CPT Testing

  • Advising


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