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HAV Solutions| Website Design and Development Company Mumbai url:

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HAV Solutions| Website Design and Development Company Mumbai url: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Website of a company where anyone can buy/look the product/service provided by company. Small businesses or say local businesses that lacked the sight to see the opportunity in technology shift have lost their market to global companies. Website can verify the existence of a business, increase visibility to new and current customers, and improve customer experiences.

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Small Business

• Small Businesses are privately owned,

partnership or sole proprietorships that have

fewer employees comparing to regular sized


• Small businesses can also be classified

according to annual revenues, shipments,

sales, assets, or by annual gross or net revenue

or net profits, the number of employees is one

of the most widely used measures.


• Small businesses in many countries include

service or retail operations such

as convenience stores, small grocery

stores, bakeries or delicatessens, hairdressers o

r trades people, restaurants, guest

houses, photographers, very small-

scale manufacturing, and Internet-related

businesses such as Web Design and computer




• A website is a virtual shop where seller

showcase his products/services in order to sell.

• A website is a collection of related web pages,

including multimedia content, typically

identified with a common domain name, and

published on at least one web server.

• Web pages are accessible via internet by

referencing a URL that identifies the website.


Why Need Website??

• To verify the existence of A business

• Increase visibility to new and current customers

• Improve customer experiences

• Less expensive

• Easy for Advertising

• Opportunity to prove your credibility

• Long term clients

• To go global from local



• Websites offers informational substance that is

searchable online and is ideally available from

any device with an Internet connection.

• Websites are essential to increase the virtual

presence of any company.

• To go against fierce competition of global

companies; the small businesses need to go global

by using websites.

• Hence websites are fundamental need for any

business who wants to grow not only in terms of

money but also for reputation.