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Crane Hire and Rental Services 

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Crane Hire and Rental Services  - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cranes\n\nCranes have a number of purposes that include lifting, lowering or moving heavy objects, equipment, and machines, or even to temporarily hold structures in place. \n\nTypes of cranes\nEven though cranes are used for moving, lifting or holding objects in place, they differ in several properties. A few types of cranes are:\n• Tower cranes,\n• Mobile cranes,\n• Telescopic cranes,\n• Rough terrain cranes, and\n• Overhead cranes.\n\nTower Cranes\n• Tower cranes are tall towers which are mainly used in the construction of skyscrapers and multi-story buildings. \n• They are preferred when weights are required to be lifted to heights that mobile cranes on the ground can not reach\n\nMobile cranes\n• Mobile cranes or truck mounted cranes have a few advantages over regular stationary types of cranes. \n• They can be used at any location, and can easily be moved if necessary. \n\nTelescopic Cranes\n• Telescopic Cranes consist of a number of tubes fitted into each other that forms the body of the crane. \n• The tubes are extended to the required height using hydraulics or other high-powered mechanisms.\n• They are commonly used for rescue jobs and short-term construction projects.\n\nRough Terrain Cranes\n• Rough Terrain Cranes, like mobile cranes, are mounted onto trucks.\n• They are specially engineered to be driven on rough terrain like construction projects in rural or off-road areas. \n\nOverhead Cranes\n• Overhead Cranes or Bridge Cranes are commonly used in manufacturing and Industrial Environments. \n• It consists of parallel runways and a lifting component mounted onto a bridge which slides along the runways.\nFind more information about Crane Hire and Rental Services with at\n

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