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this ppt covers the fundamental concepts of AngularJS like AngularJS definition,architecture and also its key features.if you want to know more about this course visit

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AngularJS Introduction Training

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Angularjs introduction training


Free AngularJS Introduction Tutorial Videos

for Beginner



Angularjs introduction training

AngularJS Introduction - Highlights

  • AngularJS Evolution

  • AngularJS Explanation

  • Special functions

  • AngularJS Architecture

  • AngularJS MVC Architecture

  • Features

Angularjs introduction training

AngularJS Introduction - Evolution

Angularjs introduction angularjs explanation

AngularJS Introduction : AngularJS Explanation

  • AngularJS is a whole JavaScript-founded open-supply front-end web software framework.

  • AngularJS is useful as structural framework for dynamic web apps.

  • With AngularJS you can use HTML as template language.

  • Allows you to lengthen HTML's syntax to specific your add-on utility's clearly and succinctly.

Angularjs introduction special functions

AngularJS Introduction: Special functions

  • AngularJS maintains declarative user interface.

  • Angular has plain old JavaScript objects (POJO) data models so you don’t require extraneous getter and setter features

  • Angular JS directives brings additional functionality to HTML though you not ever have got to manipulate the DOM to simulate HTML elements.

  • You require less code to write, i.e.  don’t have to write your own MVC pipeline.

  • AngularJS Filters are so resourceful that it's possible to create a sortable HTML desk utilizing most effective filters with out writing any JavaScript.

Angularjs introduction architecture

AngularJS Introduction : Architecture









Angularjs introduction mvc architecture

AngularJS Introduction : MVC Architecture






Angularjs introduction features

AngularJS Introduction – Features

  • Two-way Data Binding – Model as single source of truth

  • Directives – Extend HTML

  • MVC

  • Dependency Injection

  • Testing

  • Deep Linking (Map URL to route Definition)

  • Server-Side Communication

Angularjs introduction training


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Angularjs introduction training

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Free AngularJS Introduction Tutorial Videos

for Beginner



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