Health Benefits of Vitamin C
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Vitamin C is one of the most important nutrients needed to keep your body in a better state. This nutrient not only help improve immunity system, but also helps in strengthening the muscles and teeth. Similarly, there are numerous benefits of vitamin C. Go through this ppt to know about its benefits in detail.

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What is Vitamin C

Vitamin C boosts up the immunity system, which

help fight the severe infections and the common

cold. It is also effective in healing the skin wrinkles

and the eye diseases. In a nutshell, regular

consumption of vitamin C can improve your





Blood Vessels

For Weight Loss





Vitamin C improves the immunity system and protects

the body from infections. It also helps keep the bones

stronger and teeth healthy. Intake of vitamin C actually

assists in repairing the wounds quickly.


Vitamin C works as an antioxidant. It is effective in

protecting the body from radicals causing oxidative


Blood Vessels

Vitamin C help in the proper dilation of the blood

vessels, which help remain safe against diseases like

high cholesterol, atherosclerosis, heart congestion and

severe chest pains.

For Weight Loss

Fruits rich in vitamin C help lose fat and maintain the

weight. Popular dieticians always include vitamin C in

their diets because it works as insulin and help in

burning calories.


Vitamin C reduces the elevated levels of stress,

which helps minimise the stress level, hormones and



Vitamin C balances the internal body system under

different environmental conditions. It literally fills the

body with energy, which help stay active throughout

the day.


People with low levels of Vitamin C have a higher

chance of developing asthma. Its intake will reduce the

body’s production of histamine, which contributes to


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