Women and Their Influence in the Hip Hop Culture

Women and Their Influence in the Hip Hop Culture PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Women and Their Influence in the Hip Hop Culture

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1. Women and Their Influence in the Hip Hop Culture Presented By Christy Botts Erin Keto Amy Moeller Vernon M. Myers II

2. Quote If we do not tell the story then what needs to be said fails to get out from the mouths that need to preach We have to go back and tell the story. Andy Williams Youth Worker in North Minneapolis

3. Outline History of Women in Hip Hop Women in Videos Barriers for Women in Hip Hop Women in Hip Hop from the Twin Cities Our Project Our Findings Upcoming Events Conclusion Q/A

4. History of Women in Hip Hop

5. History of Women in Hip Hop Little Woman was a prominent female rapper who rhymed with Kool DJ AJ and Sweet & Sour. Lady was the first recorded female emcee with "To the Beat Y'All" and serve some time as editor-in-chief for Word Up. Roxanne Shante was known as "Mistress of the Dis." Open door ways for other female artists (Salt-N-Peppa, Queen Latifah, Da Brat, Missy Elliot, Eve, etc.).

6. History of Women in Hip Hop Dynamic Dolls was an all-female troupe of break-dancers. B-Girl Daisy Castro was part of the mostly male Rock Steady crew. Pink Lady and Lady Heart were doing graffiti art and they became well known for their illicit public art. Sylvia Robinson (Suguar Hill Records), Monica Lynch (Tommy Boy), and Carmen Ashurst-Watson (Def Jam) were critical women in the entrepreneurship of hip hop music. Jazzy Joyce and Spinderella are the two most widely known women DJs.

7. Women in Videos

8. Women in Videos Women are called out of their names (e.g., hoe, chickenheads, etc.) or are observed in videos from the area of their torso. bell hooks argues that the images of women in videos are directly related to the general climate in today's society. Many women have turn the tables on men by using explicit sexual speeches.

9. The Barriers for Women in Hip Hop

10. The Barriers for Women in Hip Hop

11. Lyrics about the Struggle: Jean Grae

12. Lyrics: India Arie

13. Lyrics: Lauryn Hill

14. Lyrics: Queen Latifah

15. Hip Hop Artists from the Twin Cities

16. Our Project Two members attended a fundraising event for the upcoming B-Girl Be Summit in Minneapolis. Met with Desdamona and received over fifteen female artists to contact. Each member contacted potential interviewees and conducted the interview either by e-mail, telephone, or in person. Search for main themes that came out of our interviews.

17. Desdamona: Spoken Word Warrior First took the stage in 1997. Awards for her performance at the legendary Green Mill in Chicago, the Nuyorican Poets Caf in New York, and the National Poetry Slam Competition. Share, discover and cultivate that love of poetry in young artists though her workshops in schools and at Stillwater Prison's.

18. Akira Johnson Lyricist since the age of three. Born in Chicago and became involve in Hip Hop when her family moved to Bay City, Michigan. Performed at Blue Nile, Intermedia, Twin Cities Underground Street.

19. Sara White Started writing poetry since age thirteen. Started dancing since she was five. Broadway opened her passion to perform through singing. Interlock helped her and her partner to produce their own CD.

20. B-Girl Seoul & Dancin Dave B-Girl Seoul came to the Twin Cities at age sixteen with her friends to witness break dancing at First Avenue. B-Girl Seoul went to college for a while and applied her knowledge in choreography to not only become a better dancer but also teach her skills with youth. Dancin Dave learned to move from his counsin.

21. Gwendolyn Pough

22. Mysnikol (Miss Nicole) Grew up in Frogtown. Degree in Psychology from Metropolitan State University. Began doing stand up comedy on a whim. Big break in February 2004 when she did comedy for the first time. Favorite comedians are Jamie Foxx and Tyler Perry.

23. Rachel Raimist

24. Madeline Howie

25. Themes from the Interviews 1. Hip Hop is my life. Hip Hop helps to promote youth voice. Hip Hop helps bring together people from different backgrounds. Hip Hop helps to empower people who usually does not have the spotlight on them. There is an opportunity in Hip Hop to challenge the stereotype.

26. Themes from the Interviews 2. Commercialism has a major impact in their lives. - Too focus on artist rather than the culture - Soft pornography sex sells - Make money off of people * If businesses and organizations are using lyrics from artists does it mean they respect Hip Hop? - Promotes the atmosphere where lyrics sung by rappers are one dimensional. * narrow representation of women * women as tokens * same theme either entertainment or sex - Armour of Protection * some of the women were tomboys - helped them to handle the pressure of the hyper- masculine environment

27. Themes from the Interviews 3. Minneapolis has its strengths and criticisms. - Hip Hop Culture is coming up * between the third trimester and infancy. * receives information later than other cities. * many more white youth are willing to study the culture. - Hard to make a living when not in the spotlight. "Keep my ears to the street for events that are happening in the area." Akria Johnson - Hip Hop is not fully accepting the culture. * Restriction to what they can wear, perform and say by businesses.

28. Themes from the Interviews 4. Hip Hop strengthens me. - There are more opportunities for women to gain access into the business area. - All of the interviewees recognizes that Hip Hop Culture help enhance their maturity level. - Most of the time plays a role teacher and student. * Willing to humble themselves to go back and relearn things. * Willing to educate others about their gift. 5. Hip Hop needs to go back to the foundation of Hip Hop (activism).

29. Upcoming Events Intermedia Arts http://www.intermediaarts.org/index2.htm# B-Girl Summit June 1 5, 2005 at Intermedia Arts Visual and Multimedia Exhibit April 21 June 12, 2005 Women in the Movement April 7 May 26, 2005 Open Mic Night with Desdamona at the Blue Nile on Tuesdays (10 p.m.)

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