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Weird Genetics. Mutations. A change in genetic information. Can occur randomly (naturally) Or can be deliberately caused in the laboratory by scientists Inherited Not always harmful. Natural Mutations. These are not albinos; they have pigmented eyes.

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Weird Genetics

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Weird genetics l.jpg

Weird Genetics

Mutations l.jpg


A change in genetic information

  • Can occur randomly (naturally)

  • Or can be deliberately caused in the laboratory by scientists

  • Inherited

  • Not always harmful

Natural mutations l.jpg

Natural Mutations

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These are not albinos; they have pigmented eyes.

Slide5 l.jpg

White Bengal Tiger

Albinos l.jpg


  • Little or no pigmentation in the eyes, skin, and hair (or in some cases in the eyes alone).

  • Inherited an altered copy of a gene that does not work correctly.

  • The altered gene does not allow the body to make the usual amounts of a pigment called "melanin".

  • True albinos have pink eyes and skin.

Slide8 l.jpg

White Bluebonnets

Slide9 l.jpg

Pink Bluebonnets

Human intervention l.jpg


Selective breeding l.jpg


The selection of certain seeds or animals for reproduction in order to influence the traits inherited by the next generation.

Selective breeding17 l.jpg


  • The Liger is the result of breeding a female Tiger to a male Lion.

  • The liger has both stripes and spots. The stripes are inherited from its tiger parent and the spots from the lion parent.

  • On their hind legs, ligers stand approximately 12 feet tall. At most, ligers may weigh up to 1,000 pounds.

Slide18 l.jpg

The Cama is the result of breeding a Llama to a Camel.Parents in background of picture.

Slide19 l.jpg

The Zebroid is the result ofbreedinga female Horse and a male Zebra.

The Zedonk / Zonkey is the result of breeding a female Donkey and male Zebra.

Slide21 l.jpg

The Mule is the result of breeding a female horse(mare) to a male donkey (jack). Themule is superior to the horse in strength,endurance, intelligence and disease resistance.

Slide22 l.jpg

Maroon & Red Bluebonnets

Genetic engineering l.jpg


The selective, deliberate change of genes (genetic material) by man.

The technique of removing, modifying or adding genes to a DNA molecule in order to change the information it contains.

Slide24 l.jpg

Bright face of genetically modified corn plant: pest-infected non-GM (left) and pest-free GM plant (right) planted side-by-side in a field trial. (photo: Dr. Yu Jialin, China Agricultural University)

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