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Spa Treatments Heather Noughton Jane Regante Allison Fogt Brittany Peck LeVasiyea Haslem Andrew Dixon What is stress? stress is when a person perceives that demands exceed the personal and social resources the individual is able to mobilize.

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Spa treatments l.jpg

Spa Treatments

Heather Noughton Jane Regante Allison Fogt Brittany Peck LeVasiyea Haslem Andrew Dixon

What is stress l.jpg
What is stress?

  • stress is when a person perceives that demands exceed the personal and social resources the individual is able to mobilize.

  • stress depends a great deal on individuals’ perceptions of a situation and their real ability to cope with it.

Effects of stress l.jpg
Effects of stress

  • Stress has been linked with heart disease.

  • Stress can impair the immune system, making us more susceptible to infection.

  • Stress has been linked with cancer.

  • Stress has been linked with mental health problems, particularly depression and anxiety.

Spa origins l.jpg
Spa Origins

  • The word spa comes from the Latin “salus per aquam,” which means “health by water”

  • First spa?

    • The Roman Baths, which date back to 27 B.C.

  • The natural hot springs in Bath, England

  • Native Americans bathed in mineral springs to enhance their physical and spiritual health

  • Today a spa is known as a facility where individuals can receive a variety of treatments to promote and enhance their overall health, beauty, and well being.

A spa is l.jpg
A Spa Is…..

  • A tranquil oasis where every sense is serenely enticed as stress gently slips away

  • A rejuvenating haven to reconnect with nature as holistic therapies and treatments replenish and restore

  • A renewing escape to rediscover the essence of health, balance, and wellness

Types of spas l.jpg
Types of Spas

  • Destination Spas

    • Guests come to focus on lifestyle improvement, self-renewal, health enhancement, and mind/body fitness

    • Focus on 4 cornerstones of spa experience

  • Resort Spas

    • Located far from civilization and in beautiful environments

    • Variety of recreation and spa treatments

Types of spas cont l.jpg
Types of Spas (cont.)

  • Day Spas

    • Local spas offering hourly services

    • Most commonly visited spas

  • City Hotel or Urban Spas

    • a relaxing getaway for people wishing to escape their hectic every day schedules

    • guests can participate in a number of additional activities depending on the location of the hotel

Types of spas cont8 l.jpg
Types of Spas (cont.)

  • Holistic Spas

    • alternative healing methods and nutrition

    • integrating body and mind in a higher consciousness

  • Structured Spas

    • strict set of rules - entire facility is geared towards achieving a particular goal such as weight loss

Types of spas cont9 l.jpg
Types of Spas (cont.)

  • Medical Spas

    • Focus on comprehensive wellness and preventive healthcare through the use of alternative medical therapies

    • also: cosmetic and aesthetic procedures

  • Fitness Spas

    • A spa and fitness club combined in one location

  • Wellness Spas

    • Focus on increasing the overall health and wellness of visitors

Spa treatments massage l.jpg
Spa Treatments: Massage

  • “Spot” massage – specific part of the body

  • Swedish – classic massage, enhances circulation and relieves tension

  • Deep tissue – firm direct strokes loosen specific areas

  • Sports massage – enhances flexibility

Massage cont l.jpg
Massage (cont.)

  • Aromatherapy – essential oils from plants, herbs

  • Reflexology – manipulating specific points on the feet for overall calming effect

  • Rolfing – reorganizes the whole body for lightness and mobility

  • Shiatsu – finger pressure technique for pain relief and disease resistance

Massage cont12 l.jpg
Massage (cont.)

  • Kinesiology - light finger-tip massage to pressure points to stimulate or relax key muscles

  • Acupressure – stimulates the flow of vital energy, “chi”

  • Stone therapy – warmed basalt rocks

  • Reiki – stress reduction through specific placement of the hands

Body exfoliation l.jpg
Body Exfoliation

  • Body gommage – European treatment sloughing treatment

  • Loofah body polish – removes dead skin cells

  • Sea salt glow – smoothes and silkens

Body wraps l.jpg
Body Wraps

  • Herbal wrap

    • Relax and soothe muscles

  • Clay body masque

    • Clears toxins

  • Paraffin body masque

    • For tired, dry skin

  • Seaweed Spirolina Body Masque

    • Toning and elasticity

  • Self-tanning mask

    • Exfoliate and tan skin safely

Facials l.jpg

  • European facial

    • exfoliation, steam, facial massage, masque, and moisturizer

  • Deep pore cleansing treatment

    • Enzyme masque for clearer complexion

  • Custom facial

    • Based on your individual needs

  • Manual Dermabrasion

    • Resurfacing, improves tones and reduces lines

  • Eye treatments

Salon services l.jpg
Salon Services

  • Hair

    • Shampoo, cuts, color and highlights, straightening

  • Make-up

  • Spa Pedicure

  • Spa Manicure

    • Natural/Acrylic/Porcelain

Exercise fitness l.jpg
Exercise & Fitness

  • Personal training

  • Body composition

  • Yoga/Pilates

  • Nutritional consultations

  • Weight loss consultations

  • Private and group exercise

Wellness options l.jpg
Wellness Options

  • Wellness spas specialize in these treatments

  • Stress management

  • Success coaching

  • Guided personal meditation

  • Life management consultations

  • Aging consultations

Spa and body treatments l.jpg
Spa and Body Treatments

  • Rejuvenating

  • Renewing

  • De-stressing

  • Anti-aging

  • Replenishing

  • Detoxifying

  • Radiation

Escape to somewhere else l.jpg
Escape to Somewhere Else…

  • Experience rejuvenating therapies to soothe your body and soul

  • Rediscover youthful skin that radiates health and beauty

  • Revitalize (v.)

    • Impart new life or energy

Great spas of the southeast l.jpg
Great Spas of the Southeast

  • Spa at Amelia Island Plantation (FL)

  • The Breakers (FL)

  • Breathe Spa (SC)

  • The Spa at Grove Park and Resort (NC)

  • The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Miami (FL)

  • Ponte Vedra Inn and Club (FL)

  • Spa at Turnberry Isle (FL)

  • Ballantyne Resort (NC)

  • Spa at PGA National Resort (FL)

  • Living Waters European Spa and Salon (FL)

  • The Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club (FL)

  • The Spa at Pinehurst (NC)

  • The Sporting Club and Continuum (FL)

Slide22 l.jpg

…quiet is the new loud

3 multiple choice questions l.jpg
3 Multiple Choice Questions…

  • 1.) In the presentation, what ancient civilization was given credit for the first spa?

    • a.                 Greeks

    • b.                 Romans

    • c.                 Aztecs

    • d.                 Egyptians

  • 2.)  _______ spas are located far from civilization in beautiful environments.

    • a.                 Structured spas

    • b.                 Hotel/Urban spas

    • c.                 Fitness spas

    • d.                 Resort spas

  • 3.) Which of the following spa treatments is designed to treat skin by removing dead skin cells?

    • a.                 massage

    • b.                 nutritional services

    • c.                 body exfoliation/wraps

    • d.                 lifestyle management sessions