The keys to raising money for your venture
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Part 1 - Why Internet - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Keys to Raising Money for Your Venture. Presented By Stu Benton. Where Do You Get The Money?. Start Up or Seed Capital ( Less than $1 million) Friends and family Angel investors Industry partners Venture Capital Funds Product in market Paying customers Boot strap.

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The keys to raising money for your venture l.jpg

The Keys to Raising Money for Your Venture

Presented By

Stu Benton

Soundview Partners

Where do you get the money l.jpg
Where Do You Get The Money?

  • Start Up or Seed Capital ( Less than $1 million)

    • Friends and family

    • Angel investors

    • Industry partners

  • Venture Capital Funds

    • Product in market

    • Paying customers

  • Boot strap

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The five key factors investors look for l.jpg
The Five Key Factors Investors Look For

  • People

  • People

  • People

  • Market

  • Product

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The three risk areas investors consider l.jpg
The Three Risk Areas Investors Consider

  • Management risk

  • Market risk

  • Technology risk

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The best technology never wins the best marketing will win l.jpg

The Best Technology NEVER Wins!!The Best Marketing Will Win!!

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You need three key things to ask for money l.jpg
You Need Three Key Things to Ask For Money

  • Tell The Story Of Your Company In Increasing Detail

    • Telephone Pitch [Elevator Pitch]

    • Executive Summary

    • Team Presentation

Soundview Partners

The telephone pitch l.jpg
The Telephone Pitch

  • One to two minutes max

  • Get foot in the door

  • Four Key Items

    • This is the problem

    • This is how we solve it

    • This is how we’re different

    • This is who we solve it for

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The executive summary l.jpg
The Executive Summary

  • One Page

  • Clear, concise, brief, no buzz words

  • Your mother should understand it

  • Get VCs to let you in the door

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The executive summary9 l.jpg
The Executive Summary

  • Opening sentence: crystal clear statement of what your company does

  • The compelling need

  • How your company fills the need

  • The value proposition

    • Cost savings

    • Improved performance

  • Your competitive advantage

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The executive summary10 l.jpg
The Executive Summary

  • Customers/Prospects

  • Market size and industry forces

  • Briefly explain how company and technology work

  • Project into the future

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Presentation guidelines l.jpg
Presentation Guidelines

  • 15-20 slides

  • Plain background, logo on all slides

  • Slides are an outline

  • Short words and phrases…no jargon

  • 7 by 7 rule

  • No clipart,animation & etc…appear only

  • Slides or speaker

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Objective of the presentation l.jpg
Objective Of The Presentation

  • To get the investor interested enough to go the next step…..due diligence

Soundview Partners

What is the presentation l.jpg
What is The Presentation?

  • Bare bones version of business model

    • What is the business problem you solve?

    • What is the value proposition?

    • Who are your customers?

    • Who is your competition?

    • How do you differentiate yourself?

    • How do you make money?

    • How much money?

Soundview Partners

The first four slides make or break your presentation l.jpg
The First Four Slides Make Or Break Your Presentation

  • Announce the problem and how you solve it

  • Slide 1: Title Slide ….Introduce yourself and team

  • Slide 2: What’s the compelling need

  • Slide 3: How you satisfy this need

  • Slide 4: What’s the size of the market

Soundview Partners

Slide 2 compelling need business problem l.jpg
Slide 2: Compelling Need/Business Problem

  • What is the problem

  • How significant is it

Soundview Partners

Slide 3 how you solve this problem l.jpg
Slide 3: How You Solve This Problem

  • Overview of how you solve this problem

  • Your value proposition..

    • Cost Savings

    • More efficient

  • Actual customers/prospects…what they say

Soundview Partners

Slide 4 the market l.jpg
Slide 4: The Market

  • How Big

  • How fast is it growing

  • Who are the customers

Soundview Partners

Slide 5 highlights of your company l.jpg
Slide 5: Highlights of Your Company

  • Employees

  • Revenue size…if any

  • Products Status

  • Patents

  • Where is the company today

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Slide 6 industry trends l.jpg
Slide 6: Industry Trends

  • Industry forces [Drivers]

    • Serious

    • Sustainable

  • What this means for the future

  • How/why you exploit driving forces

Soundview Partners

Slide 7 product service overview l.jpg
Slide 7: Product/Service Overview

  • Product families..beta..prototype

  • How do they work

    • Show & tell

  • Market focus

  • What is unique

Soundview Partners

Slide 8 your competitive advantage l.jpg
Slide 8: Your Competitive Advantage

  • How customers do things now

  • Drawbacks, problems

  • How impacts customers bottom line

  • Strategic problems

Soundview Partners

Slide 9 how you solve this problem l.jpg
Slide 9: How You Solve This Problem

  • Specifically how you solve the problem

  • Your value proposition…hard facts $,%

    • Cost savings

    • Performance

  • Customers/prospects

    • Use as examples…what are they doing

    • Get quotes

Soundview Partners

Slide 10 competition l.jpg
Slide 10: Competition

  • Demonstrate complete understanding

  • Rational, objective and measurable argument

  • Who are they

    • Direct/Indirect

    • Potential

  • How do they compare

  • How are they doing

  • How does the market see them

Soundview Partners

Slide 11 your competitive advantages l.jpg
Slide 11: Your Competitive Advantages

  • Why you will win

  • Do differently

  • Why they can’t

  • Real advantages

  • Nine to twelve months time advantage

Soundview Partners

Slide 12 the future l.jpg
Slide 12: The Future

  • Opportunities to leverage technology

  • New products

  • New Markets

Soundview Partners

Slide 13 financials l.jpg
Slide 13: Financials

  • Quarterly sales and net income

  • Two Years, eight quarters

  • Show when breakeven

  • Assumptions..How derived

Soundview Partners

Slide 14 financials l.jpg
Slide 14: Financials

  • Five year sales and income

  • By year

  • Assumptions

  • Logic behind #’s

Soundview Partners

Slide 15 financials l.jpg
Slide 15: Financials

  • Financial Model

  • Table

  • %’s

    • Gross Margin

    • Sales Cost

    • G&A

    • Research & Development

  • Logic behind #’s

Soundview Partners

Slide 16 management team l.jpg
Slide 16: Management Team

  • Present team & experience

  • Unfilled positions and timing

  • Advisory board & experience

Soundview Partners

Slide 17 summary l.jpg
Slide 17: Summary

  • Key four points

    • What’s the problem

    • Here’s how we solve it

    • Here’s our advantage

    • Here’s the market we solve it for

Soundview Partners

Slide 18 ask for the money l.jpg
Slide 18: Ask for the Money

  • Here’s how much we need

    $3 million

Soundview Partners

Two more things you need l.jpg
Two More Things You Need

  • List of references

  • Ten page business plan

    • Use presentation as outline

    • Leave behind

Soundview Partners

Giving the presentation l.jpg
Giving The Presentation

  • Practice, practice practice

  • You’re a team

  • Have all your facts

  • Get them asking questions

  • Get them on you side

  • Get their feedback

  • Follow up

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