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Home Sweet Home:. Home is more than just where you liveWhere we spend our lives, raise our families, grow oldFor people with disabilities ADL's can be far from routine. Why do home assessments:. Because poor designs, clutter, or the lack of technology can increase stress and physical burdenFor appropriate recommendations (top 3)Replacing or adding fixtures/appliances/featuresChanging or adding to the structure, i.e. widening doorwaysTechnology, i.e., movement sensor-activated light.

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Home Assessments:

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1. Home Assessments: February 18, 2004

2. Home Sweet Home: Home is more than just where you live Where we spend our lives, raise our families, grow old For people with disabilities ADL’s can be far from routine

3. Why do home assessments: Because poor designs, clutter, or the lack of technology can increase stress and physical burden For appropriate recommendations (top 3) Replacing or adding fixtures/appliances/features Changing or adding to the structure, i.e. widening doorways Technology, i.e., movement sensor-activated light

4. One example of a home assessment: CASPAR (Comprehensive Assessment and Solution Process for Aging Residents): CASPAR is designed to help you: Collect needed information about client and functional ability Measure features of the house which need to be changed Take descriptive photographs What you need: 25’ tape measure, camera and photo capacity. CASPAR is: innovative and tested process for assessing homes and specifying modifications Based on the experience of EHLS (Extended Home Living Services) Designed for professionals to work with client and family throughout planning and implementation of home re-modification

5. Information collected: Contact information- client name, add, telephone number, email, fax, etc. Client information- from client or family regarding personal description, diagnosis, mobility aids, assistance received, client’s sensory and motor abilities Problems experienced in the home- perceptions from client/family Client goals- client/family prioritized Description of the home- measurements and photos taken identified as priorities for change Recommendations- your recommendations about the client or home

6. Once CASPAR is filled out, what is next? Send completed portion of CASPAR and photos to EHLS- EHLS will formulate a solution packet with the following: Analysis of CASPAR Recommendations for best solutions and rationale Alternative solutions Architectural drawings, if needed Product specifications Comparative costs Installation specifications and drawings Vendor information How the work gets done is dependent on many variables (size of job, types of modifications, availability of skilled person in client’s area) When seeking someone to do the work consider these factors: Hiring a licensed and bonded contractor Getting estimates in writing Hiring a contractor who will guarantee his/her work and products Making any changes in writing Refraining from signing a certificate of completion or making final payments until the work id done Asking for references

7. Resources for home assessments and home modifications: Changing needs, changing homes: Adapting your home to fit you. American Occupational Therapy Foundation. Montgomery Lane. Bethesda, MD. 301-652-2682 $35.00 Home Safety Guide for Older People: Check it Out/ Fix It Up. Jon Pynoos and Evelyn Cohen. Serif Press, Inc. 4010 5th Road, North Arlington, Va 22203. 703-425-5222. $18.45 Safety for Older Consumers. US Consumer Product Safety Commission. Washington, DC 20049. 1-800-638-2772. Free The DoAble Renewable Home: Making Your Home Fit Your Needs (12470). AARP Fulfillment. Consumer Affairs. 601 E. Street, NW. Washington, DC 20049. 202-434-2277 Free (single copies) The National Resource Center on Supportive Housing and Home Modification. USC Andrus Gerontology Center. Los Angeles, Ca 90089-0191. 213-740-1364. http://www.homemods.org E-mail: [email protected] Center for Universal Design, NC State University. Raleigh, NC 27695-8613. 1-800-647-6777. http://www.design.ncsu.edu/cud/index.html

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