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Elections Process PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Elections Process. You are the IEA-NEA. Proper conduction of elections is your responsibility !. Labor organizations are governed by the Landrum-Griffin Act. Resource Documents. Bylaws ---- Local, Region, State, and National For local elections- refer to local governing documents

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Elections Process

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Elections process l.jpg

Elections Process

You are the iea nea l.jpg

You are the IEA-NEA

Proper conduction of elections

is your


Labor organizations are governed by the Landrum-Griffin Act

Resource documents l.jpg

Resource Documents

  • Bylaws ---- Local, Region, State, and National

    • For local elections- refer to local governing documents

  • IEA-NEA Elections Handbook

    • The guide to local, region and state elections

  • Booklet on delegate requirements for NEA-RA

    • Sent to locals with more than 75 members (other locals are clustered by regions)

  • Robert’s Rules of Order

Notice of state and national elections l.jpg

NOTICE of State and National Elections

  • Must be mailed to each member’s home address not less than 15 days prior to the election

  • This requirement is taken care of by the dates being published in the ADVOCATE

  • Hold election on the published date

Nomination process l.jpg

Nomination Process

  • Be sure to allow enough time

  • Inform all members of the nomination procedure and deadline

Declared elections l.jpg

Declared Elections

  • Candidates may be declared elected if:

    • The number of candidates equals the number of positions available AND

    • No write-in provision is required by the governing documents

Candidates l.jpg


  • MUST NOT be involved in the election procedure

  • Can help in other elections

Dues money l.jpg


  • May NOT be used to promote any candidate over another

  • May be used to report action taken at a meeting, but not why someone was recommended over another person

Ballot information l.jpg


  • Must include

    • Office(s) or position(s) to be filled

    • Candidate(s) names

    • Voting instructions

    • Write-in provision???

Mail ballot elections l.jpg

Mail Ballot Elections

  • Mail at least 15 days prior to tally date

  • Use double envelope method

  • Include instructions

  • Remind voters that complete return addresses are required

Remember l.jpg


  • Follow your approved and published Election Plan

  • If not, the notice of a new timeline must be mailed to home address of every member

  • Plan for emergency school closing

Absentee voting l.jpg

Absentee Voting

  • Is allowed

  • Must be requested and voted prior to election date

  • Use a double envelope method

Secrecy is a must!

Proxy voting is not allowed

Requirements l.jpg


  • All eligible members must be provided a reasonable opportunity to be nominated for and to vote in elections

  • Conduct the election even if no nominations are received

  • Fair Share members do not participate in the election process


Election procedures l.jpg

Election Procedures

Voting must be

by secret ballot

Never leave ballots





Election tally l.jpg

Election Tally

  • Must be done within7days of election

  • Candidates and/or Poll Watchers are allowed

  • Ballots must be secured

Remember16 l.jpg


  • Ballots are valid when the intention of the voter is clear

  • Use valid votes cast to determine results (especially if you are conducting more than one election on a piece of paper)

Run off elections l.jpg

Run Off Elections

  • Follow timeline that was published in ADVOCATE

  • Conduct election in the same manner as the original

  • Have only one more candidate than the number of remaining positions available on the ballot

Election results l.jpg

Election Results

  • Report results within

    7 days of tally

  • Use a consistent method for reporting all elections

  • Notify candidates, governing bodies and members

Storage l.jpg


  • Keep materials collected from buildings/locals separated

  • ALL election materials MUST be sealed and stored for one year

  • Destroy after one year from date of tally

Election challenges l.jpg


  • Refer to all applicable governing documents

  • Check and follow all procedures and timelines

  • Delegate Challenges go to IEA Elections Committee

  • All others to IEA Review Board

Questions l.jpg


  • Use available resources

    • IEA-NEA Elections Handbook

    • IEA-NEA Elections Committee Members and Staff Liaisons

    • IEA-NEA President’s Office

Remember22 l.jpg


You are the IEA-NEA

Conduct all elections properly and encourage all members to vote!!!!!!

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