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Profit in 2010 [mill. Euro/a] Applies to EU8 only (excludes Cyprus, ... up to 70% with annualized investment of 2 euro/sqm & simple payback of 8-11 ...

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Presentation Transcript

Slide 1:TAIEX INFRA 22042 Improving energy performance in buildings some observations

Seminar for the Slovak Energy Agency, Sliac, Slovakia on 24 25th April 2006 Arnie Vetter, Caleb Management Services Ltd, Wotton-Under-Edge, Gloucestershire, UK [email protected] www.calebgroup.net

Slide 2:This Presentation

Energy Efficiency savings potential Overcoming Barriers Thinking beyond energy performance Funding issues Size of challenge Structural Funding allocations Conclusions

Slide 3:The Potential is considerable

Slide 4:Extra Push needed NOW!

Stimulate investment climate to implement energy efficiency action plans Scale-up energy performance contracting, third-party financing, labelling regimes Raise public awareness & capacity (& willingness) to respond Ensure that energy efficiency measures are integrated with renovation strategies for high-rise buildings (& that high-rise building renovation is truly integrated in EPBD transposition)

Slide 5:Overcoming Barriers

EPBD will make a difference but not enough; only likely to deliver 9% of technical potential Variable implementation across member states Evolution for EU15; Revolution for EU10 + Accession States Modelling Denmark? Political will Resources Integrated responsibility High-profile Strong energy efficiency lobby Good data Incentives

Slide 6:Beyond energy performance

Integrated environmental performance of buildings, neighbourhoods Performance criteria or values for materials selection, energy, water, waste, drainage and life-cycle management of buildings and building components; internal air quality ISO standard development Integrated environmental performance of buildings

Slide 7:Funding issues

Key hurdle is funding small-scale (renovation) projects (<10 million Euro) where transaction costs are high & relative value is low Not always easy to evaluate the costs & benefits of energy efficiency measures in existing building stock Energy tariffs below cost recovery and absence of responsive financing agencies holds back investments Look to insert energy efficiency requirements in existing subsidy schemes (social housing; energy tariffs)

Slide 8:Funding improvements?

For 2007-13, Structural Funds are available for renovations of multi-family dwellings & public buildings Will prioritize integrated urban development policy led programmes to address physical deterioration and social exclusion Seeks to keep energy efficiency on agenda for next 30-50 years Safeguards against speculative gains from improved real estate prices (following renovation)

Slide 9:The size of the challenge [Billion Euros]

Slide 10:Structural Funds allocations 2007-2013

Slide 11:Conclusions

Large potential (emissions reduction & savings) esp. with extended EPBD Time to Act = Now esp. on thermal renovations Considerable challenges even beyond energy performance Better funding arrangements requires long-term strategic commitment to unlock What else? Maybe a Marshall Fund for large-scale buildings refurbishment?

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