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高中英语教学案例与分析 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

高中英语教学案例与分析. 泉州 市 普通高中新课程实验英语学科中心教研组成员 石狮一中 高级教师 余信路. 1. 一 . 教学研究的基本形式 —— 1. 课堂研究 2. 课例研究 3. 教学案例研究 三者是一般与特殊,抽象与具体的关系。. ■ 课堂研究: 是一种学科领域的研究,主体主要是专业研究人员。 ■课例研究: 主体是 中小学教师 , 他们面对和 研究的 是一节节具体的课。这种以一节节具体的课为对象的研究,称为课例研究。 课例显然是课堂的具体化和特殊化。课堂研究的是“理论”,重在回答“是什么”、“为什么”;课例研究的是“实践”,重在回答“做什么”、“怎么做”。

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We all like having you as our teacher. You have our respect and gratefulness.

You are not only a good teacher but our close friend. Thank you for helping us make something of our lives.


You are like a third parent. We all love you and respect you.

This is Teachers Day and a time to be grateful to all teachers. We are more thankful than we can express.,

Send you our everlasting feeling of gratefulness and thankfulness on this special day.

I am truly grateful to you for what you have done.

No one deserves a bigger thank you than you. One day is hardly enough to show our gratitude.

Feedback ()



1I think western medicine is good. Who are in favour of me? ()Im for traditional Chinese medicine. I think traditional Chinese medicine is good. Those who support me please put up your hands.4

Western medicine is good.

1. Personally, I think Western medicine is important in our lives. It is scientific. Not only dose it have side effect, but also it can avoid illnesses. I prefer Western medicine to Chinese medicine. What a good medicine it is!

2. The western medicine will benefit the society as a whole. The western medicine has high efficiency to heal some cases. And it hasnt side effect and makes the cases lessen pain. The western medicine is safer and quicker.

3. Western medicine is convenient and easy to use. It takes effect quickly. So western medicine is a good choice.

Traditional Chinese medicine is good.

1.Compared with western medicineI prefer traditional Chinese medicine. Not only does it have a history of 5000 years, but also it doesnt have side effect. So I think it is good for our health.

2. Traditional Chinese medicine has a history of about five thousand years. The herbs of Chinese not only cure us of the illnesses but also make us strong. It is also a part of curing culture.

3. I think western medicine has done some contributions for man. But its bad for patients because it has side effect for people. So I think traditional Chinese medicine is better than western medicine.

4. Chinese traditional medical science has a long history and to a certain extent it has been a part of Chinese culture. On the other hand, its scientific in a way. We shouldnt lose it but protect it.

5. The traditional Chinese medicine has a long history. From ancient time till now, many doctors died in order to discover the traditional Chinese medicine and to improve medical technique. How can we abandon it?


Today, all of you did a very good job. Whether western medicine or traditional Chinese medicine is good, you are the best.


Lily Tsai Anna QiuLingling QiuDanne HuangJean LuSusan Lu Jason Lin Owen Tsai (), Fanny ChenLerson Guo Jeffrey LiKaka HuangStellar WangIce WangSnow WangMoon Qiu



2007412Module3 Unit9 Lesson 3 Clean Machines1352





2007-12-256Module6 Unit18 Lesson 1 What Is Beauty?

1). To practice reading strategies: finding out topics; finding out detailed information; working out meaning of words;

2). To learn and use vocabulary related to beauty;

3). To know the structure of Whats Beauty?;

4). To talk about Whats Beauty?.

Look at the following pictures. Do you think the people in the photos are beautiful? Use some words to describe them.Beauty is quite different in the eye of different people. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.elegant(slim(overweight()tattooswoolen shawlhumorousenjoyment strongartificial beauty energeticconfident







Lesson4First Impression

M5 Lesson 4 First Impression()

1. Where does the story happen?

A. At home B. In the library C. On the street D. In the theatre

2. What kind of books does Jenny like according to the passage?

A. Music B. English exam C. Poetry D. Friendship

Key: BC

The day that I met my best friend for the first time, I was _1_ of anxiety. I was trying to do some revision for an important oral exam in the local library and people kept disturbing me. I was getting more and more __2__ and of course, the more upset I got, the _3_ I was able to concentrate. The last straw was when I heard someone __4__ behind me.

The singing was so loud _5_ I could even recognize the song! I turned around and glared _6_ the person who was singing. It was a tall girl about the same age _7_ me and she had a big smile on her _8_. She was standing with a book in her _9_ near the English Literature section. She looked like a literary type and seemed very interested in _10_ she was reading. I glanced at the books cover. It was a book of Tennysons poems.

Key: 1. full 2. annoyed 3. less 4. singing 5. that

6. at 7. as 8. face 9. hands 10. what

The day that I met my best friend for the first time, I was _1_ of anxiety. I was trying to do some revision for an important oral exam in the local library and people kept disturbing me. I was getting more and more _2_ and of course, the more upset I got, the _3_ I was able to concentrate. The last straw was when I heard someone _4_ behind me.

1. A. afraid B. full C. ahead D. instead

2. A. annoyed B. surprised C. interested D. delighted

3. A. more B. most C. less D. least

4. A. reading B. speaking C. smiling D. singing


The day that I met my best friend for the first

time, I was full of ______ (). I was trying 1. ______

to do some ________ () for an important 2. ______

oral exam in the l______ library and people 3. ______

kept _______ () me. I was getting more 4. ______

and more a_______ and of course, the more 5. ______

upset I got, the ____ I was able to concentrate. 6. ______

The last straw was when I heard someone _____ 7. ______

behind me

Key: 1. anxiety 2. revision 3. local 4. disturbing 5. annoyed

6. less 7. singing



1. 255


3. 1001502













There were 500,000 people died in the traffic accident.

++People died in the accident. There were?

Twelve people are playing basketball.(There are twelve people are playing basketball.)

Three students didnt come to school. (There were three students didnt come to school.)

There is also a few people hold a completely different opinion.There is )


It provide a good job. (provides)

The car give us convenience. (gives)

Everything have two sides. (has)

The car have a lot of advantages. (has)

The company provide work for us. (provides)

It take us little time to arrive the place. (takes)

3. Vingto do

Have a car brings us convenience.

Have a car can save a lot of time.

Use car can save time.

Not only can it makes traffic jams, but also it cause pollution.

Car bring air pollution.

4. Too manytoo much

Too manytoo muchtoo much peopleworkmany worksbring a bad pollution.

5asas possibleas possible as I can.

as+/as possibleas fast as possible; as quickly as possible; as mamy as possible;

We are trying to collect as many used books as possible.

Come to me as quickly as possible.

The pollution should be controlled as possible as we can.

Besides, it has made many pollution.

Many traffic accidents takes place.

The car have a lot of advantages.

as possible as I can

6. am/is/are

There are exist some advantages

It is provide us good jobs.

Cars are play an important role.

Its takes into consideration.

Some people are hold the opposite opinion.

The traffic jam is become worse.

It is offer many choices of work.


Car is convenient.

Traffic accident happen.

There is traffic jam.

We can have job.

Car bring air pollution.


Advantages are more than disadvantages.

We use the car can save time.

Use car can save time.

Cars are benefit but bad.


Those who driving a car cant be too careful.

cars, which making our lives easier.

There are more than 500 thousand people die of var accidents.

I think the drivers who using the car should be careful.


Some people earns his life by car.

There are some problem.

Everyone dont think so.



There is air pollution Because of many cars.


It can be more better in the future.

Other people dont agree. Because if there are more cars in city people can get to cities more easily.

We should make our earth more good.


thousant--thousand, liveing-living, worsely , surrouding--surrounding,

consided--considered, rathen--rather, puble-public







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