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The Home Digital Multimedia Network "The PC is going to be the place where you store the information and really the center of control“ - Bill Gates CES 1/2001. Gordon Bell Microsoft Research [email protected] www.research.microsoft.com/~gbell. The Home Digital Multimedia Network.

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Gordon bell microsoft research gbell@microsoft com www research microsoft com gbell l.jpg

The Home Digital Multimedia Network"The PC is going to be the place where you store the information and really the center of control“ - Bill Gates CES 1/2001

Gordon Bell

Microsoft Research

[email protected]


The home digital multimedia network l.jpg

The Home Digital Multimedia Network

Vision: All digital content. IP on everything.

All listening/viewing stations will be digital.

In the 10+year, short-term, Digital Transformers convert IP to legacy analog devices.

Today Digital Transformers = computers!

The connected home l.jpg





The Connected Home


Digital photos




Screen devices


Home networks pc based service l.jpg



Home Networks: PC-based service

DSL, etc. input

  • Servers:

  • Hold & deliver audio, photos, video

  • Encode TV content

  • Computers:

  • Control, get content from web, servers

  • Monitors: HDTV

  • TV-sets: receive encoded & CATV content

  • C* = computer. X = digital transformer.

Home IP network












CATV Network

Activy media center one h w for multiple functions l.jpg
ACTIVY Media Center CenterOne H/W for multiple functions

Reduces the number of devices, remotes and wires around the TV

Pc architected entertainment appliances l.jpg
PC Architected Entertainment Appliances Center

  • Up-market home theater styling

  • Quiet fan and Hard Disk

  • No messy wiring

  • No floppy (and hide give-away PC traits)

  • Uncompromised video quality, (eg good de-interlacing)

  • Premium TV receiver modules (eg Premium Satellite)

  • Hardware digital compression of analog TV

  • DVI connection to HD display (optimally 1024x768 or 1280x720)

  • High quality downscaling TV-out for existing legacy TV

  • Always available (through advanced power management)

  • Incremental purchasing (1394 & USB modules)

    • Recordable DVD, timeshifting HD, more TV receiver modules

  • Expandability (1394 & USB module expansion enclosure)

  • Fast Ethernet & adapters for other home network types

  • Range of remote control options (include cursor control)

    • BlueTooth: Basic remote, wireless keyboard, PocketPC/TabletPC

  • Legacy equipment control

  • S/P-DIF, then 1394 active speakers

Pc architected entertainment appliance l.jpg
PC Architected Entertainment Appliance Center

Provides a wide range of rich entertainments in your living room

alias: Media Center

alias: Media Server

  • Single remote control

  • Easy to use, just pick an entertainment

  • Always on ready to entertain

  • PC architecture hidden inside running Whistler (But consumer need not know)

  • Only does entertainments, not general PC activities

  • Seamlessly mixes TV and the Web

  • Incremental purchasing model enabled, eg device bay

  • Microsoft TV Technologies in Whistler provides extensive enhanced TV capabilities

    • Range of 1394/USB receiver modules for premium TV

  • Forms the gateway server for the video home network

alias: Gateway Server

alias: eHome Appliance

Dave Marsh, Microsoft

Table of interactivity media and technolgy l.jpg

Utility/ CenterMedia

Ambiance (just being there)

Entertainment; & Education

Communication at a distance



Books >> ebooks; newspapers

Fax >> email; chat


CDs, radio>> Ripped CDs, MP3, Internet Radio

Internet Radio

Telephone >>IP telephony; voice chat

Live performances>>Net jam sessions


Art, photos>> “TV Screen savers”… art, photos, posters, video

Web cams tele-places


MTV >>MTV (digital)

“discovery channel” >> tele-learning

Life-size videophone. Tele-meetings & tele-conferences

Games>> local & group games , Web

Table of Interactivity, Media, and Technolgy

Content for future home entertainment center content from nets and cyberall l.jpg
Content for future home entertainment center CenterContent from nets and CyberAll

  • TV content (ala TiVo)

  • WWW (pages, mail, etc.)

  • Personal Photos

  • Art (“TV-set” screen savers)

  • Personal videos

  • Internet radio and ripped CD audio

  • Virtual window (train ride, concerts, MTV)

Slide15 l.jpg
Art Center

Caneel bay vacation jan 1998 l.jpg

Caneel Bay Vacation Jan. 1998 Center

Gordon, Gwen, Brig, Pam, Fiona, Bob, Laura and Kolbe

Slide20 l.jpg

Cyber All, a 1 Tbyte, lifetime PC: CenterCyberizing everything…I’ve written, said, presented (incl. video), photos of physical objects & a few things I’ve read, heard, seen

Slide21 l.jpg
"The PC is going to be the place where you store the information and really the center of control“ Billg 1/7/2001

Cyberall is an “on-going” project to “cyberize” all of personal bits!

  • Memory recall of books, CDs, communication, papers, photos, video

  • Photos of physical object collections

  • Elimination of all physical stores & objects

  • Content source for media display: ambiance, entertainment, communication, interaction

    Goal: to understand the 1 TByte PC: need, utility, cost, feasibility and tools.

Cyberall jan 2000 l.jpg
CyberAll Jan. 2000 information and really the center of control“ Billg 1/7/2001



.pst (500 MB)


310 .ppt

.xls 140

120 .gif

.doc 500

325 .jpg

.doc 4100

4900 .jpg

.tif 470

.xls 120

.pdf 210

.ppt 250


6.0 GB

1.5K files

150 CDs


2.0 GB

130 folders

1.9K files


3.5 GB

340 folders

12.3K files


25 MB

1K files/book


2.6 GB

10 hours

Low res

14 GB (by size)

Files (by number)

Imagine the killer app for the one tbyte lifetime pc l.jpg
Imagine the “killer app” for: information and really the center of control“ Billg 1/7/2001The One Tbyte, Lifetime, PC

  • CyberAll convinces me of a lifetime memory!

  • Epaper is a great addition to the vision! The most significant Office™ addition since HTML.

  • Technology to support the vision:

    • Guarantee that data will live forever!

    • A single index that includes mail, conversations, web accesses, and books!

    • E-book…e-magazines reach critical mass!

    • Telephony and audio capture are needed

    • Photo & video “index serving”

    • More meta-information … Office, photos

    • Lots of GUI to improve ease-of-use

Tools time and cost l.jpg
Tools, time, and cost information and really the center of control“ Billg 1/7/2001

  • Scanners: HP Digital Sender, flat beds with ADF, HP photo; fast one to come

  • Photos: $1 or 0.5-5 min. Large posters: ~ 1-5 hr.Artifacts: ~ 10 min. including photo

  • Scanning to TIF, PDF: <1 min/page

  • OCR: for E-Paper or PDF: ~3 pages/min

  • OCR: for editing 10 min/page!

  • Books: scanned at CMU ($100/book)

Tools l.jpg
Tools information and really the center of control“ Billg 1/7/2001

  • Acrobat*, Paperport* 6, Omnipage 10

  • Indexing Service & Enfish (indexer/search)

  • Conversion of DEC 8” floppies

  • “Doubles” to reduce redundancies

    *Microsoft epaper can replace these!

Storing all we ve read heard seen l.jpg
Storing all we’ve read, heard, & seen information and really the center of control“ Billg 1/7/2001

Human data-types /hr /day (/4yr) /lifetime

read text, few pictures 200 K 2 -10 M/G 60-300 G

speech text @120wpm 43 K 0.5 M/G 15 G

speech @1KBps 3.6 M 40 M/G 1.2 T

stills w/voice @100KB 200 K 2 M/G 60 G

video-like 50Kb/s POTS 22 M .25 G/T 25 T

video 200Kb/s VHS-lite 90 M 1 G/T 100 T

video 4.3Mb/s HDTV/DVD 1.8 G 20 G/T 1 P

Character of cyber all use l.jpg

User Context / Timelines information and really the center of control“ Billg 1/7/2001


(including financial)

Professional (work related)



Character of Cyber All Use

Character of cyber all use28 l.jpg

User Context / Timelines information and really the center of control“ Billg 1/7/2001

Personal (ambiance, entertainment, finance)

Professional (work related)

Archival (historical reference)

Documents, photos and photo albums, music, video memory-aid,entertainment, medical history,progeny

Books, papers, reference documents memory-aid and reference

Working (daily use)

Documents, email, photos, CDs, video ambiance,entertainment communication, finance and “work”

Documents, emailcontent for profession use to communicate, and “work”

Character of Cyber All Use

Connecting computers to receivers tv sets and or large monitors l.jpg
Connecting computers to receivers, TV sets and/or large monitors

  • TANSTAAFL* for wiring, monitors, computers*There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch!

  • CAT5+ @100-10K Mbps is the best, fungible audio, telephony, IP, and video net. CATV is still required, but need not be with the right device!

  • Computer & HDTV monitors replace TV setsTV sets: unacceptable for browsing & mail… fixable

  • Every viewing or listening place requires a computer or “digital transformer” for control and Digital to legacy analog (radio mouse gives location flexibility)

Gordon s wiring closet for 3 studies and 3 viewing listening sites l.jpg
Gordon’s monitorswiring closet for: 3 studies and 3 viewing/listening sites.

  • DSL & Cable Modems:

  • DSL 0.9 vs Cable .001

  • 802.11b transceiver

  • Siemens 2 line phone transceiver

  • Fax switcher for line sharing

  • Sonicbox firewall

  • 100 Mb Ethernet switch, patch panel, and punchdown for 4 lines

  • 20 min. brown out battery backup

  • House Alarm

  • Not shown: CATV distribution

Love power


Wires and radio networks for in home l.jpg

Network monitors






4 Twisted pr.


Separate wiring; low cost; easy install. Telco compatible. “Fungible” wiring.

New wiring. Useful for audio and composite video. Inability to transmit CATV.


R6U Co-ax

1 GHz (150 6 MHz chs.)

Exists for TV sets; could also serve IP throughout the home

RF analog; no digital


2-4 Tel. pr.

10 Mbps

Uses existing wiring

Questionable data-rate


AC Power


Uses existing wiring

Unproven; safety


Distance, lack of protocols


Radio LAN

11 Gbps

No wires

Crowded spectrum, speed


Radio LAN

50 Gbps


1. Mbps

“ Short distance, speed

Home RF

1 Mbps

“ Low speed


1394, SPDIF, etc.


Install. skill; lack of home net equipment

Wires and radio networks for in home

Slide32 l.jpg
Digital all the way! monitorsDon’t bother with TV setsif you want to utilize the screens for anything but TV content


Hi Res.



SVGA… etc. 5-10’



Set top


Computer to television alternatives l.jpg
Computer to Television Alternatives* monitors

  • Display

    • Hi-res. monitors with CATV/set-top input … we MUST replace the TV set with a hi-res. monitor

    • Television sets, but inadequate for browsing, mail

  • Source (computer to composite | S-video)

    • Video card

    • SVGA to composite scan converter

    • Portable with video output…(unacceptable quality)

  • Distribution to one TV set

    • Composite | S-video limited to 10’-50’

    • Transformer coupling using CAT5 for long distance

  • Distribution to multiple TV sets

    • 2.9 GHz radio link is of no use

    • CATV links using RF channel

      * 1+ 2 x 4 alts!

Alternatives for connecting computers to legacy tv sets l.jpg
Alternatives for connecting computers to legacy TV sets monitors



V card

TV Set







2.4 Ghz

2.4 Ghz




Video out

4 Distribution alts.

3 Source alts.



Set top


CATV cable