1.  Safety
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1. Safety - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

1. Safety. Knives should be locked up when you live with other kids. You can get bashed if not joining in with high risk activities. I lived with carers who were drug dealers. Everyone has rights - we should know what our rights are. 2. Participation in decisions.

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1. Safety

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Presentation Transcript

1. Safety

Knives should be locked up when you live with other kids

You can get bashed if not joining in with high risk activities

I lived with carers who were drug dealers

Everyone has rights- we should know what our rights are

2. Participation in


Nobody ever listens to me

I should have a choice

Carers can’t know what is best for you

unless you voice your opinion

We should be included in meetings to decide what placement is right for us

No-one ever listens to me at Case Plans

How many placement changes can I have?

An opinion is never wrong

3. Family and friends

Getting to see my family is hard

I want to see my family

I should be able to see my family

I lose friends by having police checks

I should have the choice not to see my family

4. Normal children

I don’t get treated with enough respect

4. Normal children

Normal kids live with their family…They don’t wake up with a stranger living in the next room.

My caseworker sends me birthday cards!

It’s hard ….

others look down on me because I’m in care

I have felt ashamed to be in care

I should be supported for

whoI am

It’s what’s on the inside that counts

DHS workers and our carers need to know …

they should respect us

Carers need to respect - they can’t go through my room or my stuff

How can a child learn respect if they are not given respect?

5. Support to reach goals

DHS should pay for what we need…

like MET tickets to get to school

… because they are our parents

When we’re bored is when we get into trouble

I’ve had to wait more than a year for clothing allowance

You can’t look dickey just because you’re in care

I’d be lost without my activities

Art Classes


We need help/support with



& work

Help me to learn how to look after myself

Kids in care mature faster

… they have to for survival

I want to learn

how to budget

how to cook

I want age appropriate help

6. After care support

When my caseworker told me I was now on my own

I felt like a broken toy kicked to the side

I can’t be the only one to look after me when I turn 18

I had no support after I left care

We should have Transition Workers

and “leaving care” packs

… financial support too !

We need to know about services


Help with budgets


Job Network

Somewhere to live

if you listen to us… we can find our dreams

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