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E! ENTERTAINMENT RANK. BY: Kristy Kaufman Ed Stahleker Matt Martinka. BACKGROUND. E! Entertainment is a cable network owned by Comcast Corporation 24 hour network devoted to the worlds of style, beauty, and fashion

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Presentation Transcript
E entertainment rank l.jpg

  • BY:

  • Kristy Kaufman

  • Ed Stahleker

  • Matt Martinka

Background l.jpg

  • E! Entertainment is a cable network owned by Comcast Corporation

  • 24 hour network devoted to the worlds of style, beauty, and fashion

  • The E! network gives a bold, revealing, an inside look into the lives of your favorite celebs

What is rank l.jpg

  • A weekly one-hour cable television show that airs at 7:00p.m. on Saturday’s

  • Show provides a countdown based format, which ranks everything in the entertainment industry

  • Hosted by Brooke Burke, former host of Wild On, which is another show on the E! Entertainment network

Rank cont d l.jpg

  • Target Audience for rank is adults 18-49

  • Audience is thought to be young, single, laidback, heavy TV watchers, and traditional in their ways

  • Labeled in 3 different categories: Connecteds, Self-Improvers, and the Insiders

Focus group l.jpg

  • Used twelve volunteers for focus group research

  • 10 males and 2 females ages 19 to 22

  • Rank episode viewed : Young Hollywood

Focus group results l.jpg

  • 7 out of the 12 people had seen the show before, however only two of them were females

  • All the males responded positively to host Brooke Burke

  • “Dave Holmes made the show hard to watch”

  • Everyone agreed that the show lacked pace and spontaneity

Focus group cont d l.jpg

  • The majority of the focus group participants thought that Rank lived up to their personal expectations for a show aired on E!

  • Everyone thought that the show would only appeal to those our age or younger

Primary market research l.jpg

  • We distributed surveys to 30 randomly selected people on campus

  • There were 15 males and 15 females

  • The purpose was to see who watches Rank

  • We found out that 11 of the people surveyed had never seen Rank

Primary cont d l.jpg

  • Of the 19 who had seen the show, 15 were female

  • All of the people who had seen Rank, thought that its air time should be changed

  • Most of our participants agreed that the shows content was lacking and couldn’t keep their attention for the whole hour

  • Recommendations were to air the show on the weekdays or on Sunday evenings and to cut the length of the show to a half hour

Situation analysis l.jpg

  • Consumer Analysis

  • Market Analysis

  • Competition Analysis

Consumer analysis l.jpg

  • Americans love celebrity gossip

  • Target Demographic: Primary 18-39 female, Secondary 18-49 males and females

  • The E! network airs a wide variety of shows that reach both males and females, but we found that RANK mainly targets a female audience

Market analysis l.jpg

  • Existing Conditions:

  • E! Entertainment network is only available through cable subscription

  • Drawbacks: cable services may be too expensive for some people, and some cable service providers don’t offer E!

Market analysis cont d l.jpg

  • Numerous programs within the television industry have a similar format

  • We want RANK to be recognized with the top countdown formatted programs. Our goal is to gain a greater share of the market and establish RANK as a water cooler discussion type of program

Competition analysis l.jpg

  • Strengths

  • Weaknesses

  • Competitors

  • Recommendations

Strengths l.jpg

  • Brooke Burke draws attention for her good looks and also brings loyal viewers from her Wild On show

  • Rank is current and up-to-date, which is one of the major appeals for viewers in our age demographic

  • Viewers respect E! network for being a credible source for all things in the entertainment world

Weaknesses l.jpg

  • Despite the sex appeal of host Brooke Burke, we feel that her lack of enthusiasm is a major drawback

  • Along these same lines, the pace of the show is dragging

  • The shows hour long time slot is too long to hold the attention of the audience

  • Lack of network advertising and promotion

Competition l.jpg

  • Shows that provide the same type of information ex. Entertainment Tonight

  • Shows that follow the same kind of format ex. MTV & VH1

  • Programs that air during the same time slot as RANK

Recommendations l.jpg

  • Use celebrity co-hosts to bring more excitement to the show

  • Use more elaborate sets or locations for the filming of the show (ex. On the beach at college spring break and get input from students)

  • Change the length of the show to a half hour to keep the attention of the audience

Recommendations cont d l.jpg

  • Occasionally film show in front of live audience to keep the show fresh with the younger viewers

  • Use more celebrity cameos

  • Get the real inside scoop first hand by having Celebrities rank their peers

Promotional strategies l.jpg

  • By using promotional strategies such as the ones listed below, we hope to increase audience awareness and participation. After all, when people have the chance to win free stuff, their enthusiasm goes through the roof.

  • Contests:

  • Meet host Brooke Burke

  • Spend a hour with your favorite celebrity

  • Spend a day on the set

  • Win a trip to Hollywood

Marketing strategies l.jpg

  • Increase advertising within the E! network

  • Advertise on networks which air shows with similar program format

  • Take advantage of outdoor advertising ex. buses, billboards, and buildings

  • Advertise on popular radio stations that target the same age demographic as RANK

Marketing strategies22 l.jpg

  • Use popular magazines such as FHM, Seventeen etc. to aid in the advertising process

  • Show preview of next weeks show at the end of the current episode to keep audiences hooked

  • The producers of RANK should develop a website strictly for the show and its followers

Justifications l.jpg

  • By increasing the advertising of RANK, it will allow the show to gain a higher share of the market

  • Through an increase in the amount of advertisements within the network, current E! viewers will be attracted to RANK

  • An emphasis on outdoor advertising will target those individuals on the go

Justificatoins cont d l.jpg

  • Print advertising gives the network another medium in which to attract viewers of the same demographic

  • By developing a website devoted entirely to RANK, it will give viewers a chance to contact staff members with ideas as well as enabling them to catch all upcoming news